More of Lisa’s Story

I have been a practicing psychic for many years and began doing professional readings about 20 years ago. My training as a psychic has been both official, through working with teachers and other healers, and often times accidental. I am one of those people who came in to this world with my psychic gifts already online. I could see, feel, hear and sense things that other people couldn’t for as long as I can remember, even as a baby.

I have been lucky in my training, for example my parents took me to Transcendental Meditation when I was still a child and I learned to meditate at a very young age. In my early teen years I studied the Silva Method, which is a powerful way to learn mediation and visualization skills.  This training is exceptional and has served me in good stead all these years.

In college I was drawn to martial arts and trained Okinawan Goju Ryu for many years, two of those years living in Japan and studying directly with a Zen Buddhist Monk and a Chi Kung energy healer.  I have also spent time living in France and Germany and have traveled the world extensively. I got my black belt a few times from different teachers.

As a psychic, I am a fundamentally a channeler.  I work closely with my client’s spirit guides (as well as my own) to help my clients get a larger and more spiritual perspective on whatever issues brought them to my office. One of the things I really like to do in my sessions is introduce my clients to their guides so they can begin to form a more conscious relationship with their own guides.

In a reading, whatever is on your mind is what we will talk about. Most people have questions about their lives, relationships, health, money, career, family matters, whatever is up for you is what we will look at.

Past Lives

It’s easy for me to access your past life record. Sometimes we are affected by events in past lives that need to be cleared up. Working with past lives can give us a deeper understanding of relationships, soul contracts with people and even health issues.  I find past  life work to be very healing as it can help explain some of the biggest mysteries in our lives.

Mediums are psychics who specialize in speaking to those who have crossed over.   It can be extremely healing to clear up unresolved issues, ask questions, get messages and find out how they are doing over there. Many of my sessions are mediumship work and I also do grief counseling for those who have lost loved ones and need support.

Energy Healings
I usually work with people on my massage table. This allows me to do the energy work and the bodywork as I am doing the psychic reading and the counseling. I work very holographically with people, seeing their whole being (mind/body/spirit)as a system. I am able to tap into a person’s karmic history, soul wound, energy system and physical body, past life trauma and see how that is impacting the system as a whole and how it is all connected together, like pieces of a puzzle.

I tend to work on a very deep level, which is why I call my readings, Soul Readings.  It’s deep stuff!

Medical Intuition
I am also a Medical Intuitive and can feel, see and sense what is happening in the physical body and the human energy field.  In any session I can do a body and energy scan to see what is happening in the body and energy field and make adjustments there too.  Sometimes this can be a useful tool in helping you diagnose a health issue and I find sometimes people have better results with their doctors if they go in saying “look for THIS….”

This kind of reading is not a replacement for real medical care and I don’t make “prescriptions” although I can easily spot food allergies, sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies.

Energy Work – Reiki and Full Spectrum Healing
I usually blend energy work into my sessions. I love energy work! About twelve years ago, I learned Reiki and have a great time teaching it and using Reiki with my clients.

Now I have added Full Spectrum Healing, too. This powerful modality continues to amaze me at how effective it is. Full Spectrum uses all the colors of the light and all the frequencies in a way that Reiki just can’t get to. Full Spectrum Healing rocks.

Fairly early on in my career as a psychic, I knew I wanted to be healer as well as a channeler.  I studied psychology and counseling, learning a powerful counseling method called psychosynthesis.  I have studied the Enneagram and Systems Centered Therapy, a mindfulness and group based psycho-spiritual model of great power.  In my personal life, I practice this kind of mindfulness (in personal and group settings) and found it has given me a good balance between the world of Spirit and the “regular” world.  Mindfulness (being in the moment) is a huge part of what keeps me grounded and happy in the here and now.

I have a joke with some of my colleagues about counseling. “The answer is-Your Inner Child.” I work a lot with my client’s inner child/inner critic and find this kind of sub-personality work to be very empowering for people. I love doing inner child work with my clients!

Metaphysics and Theology
As well as being well versed in many psychological models, I have also spent most of my life studying religion, theology and metaphysics.  For a brief time, I was enrolled in seminary and hoped to become a minister. (Life, apparently, had other plans for me!)  But my own faith which is extremely strong, and my own connection with God, and my guides serves me well as I help my clients wrestle with their own spiritual and personal growth.

My metaphysical and theological viewpoints are eclectic to say the least.  Formulated from years of studying and from my own experiences, I have a Map of the Cosmos that I teach to my psychic students and that is unique, as far as I can tell. My cosmological view is inclusive and diverse. I have explored most of the world’s major religions and tend to dwell on the similarities therein rather then the differences. I consider myself partly, Christian, Unitarian, Pagan, and Shamanic, with a huge dose of my own experiences with God and my guides thrown in for good measure.

I totally believe in God and have tremendous faith.

Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine

I am the Dean of Students and a lead teacher  at the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine. This is really my favorite part of my practice right now. (Did I say that about everything I do?) It’s a three year program, now certified by the State of Massachusetts that teaches healers to do Full Spectrum Healing.

But it is also so much more then that! It’s the best personal and spiritual growth system that I have ever seen, and I have been around the block (spiritually speaking…) The whole point in training healers is to help them clear out their own blocks and trauma so they can be as clear as possible. It’s deep transformation stuff. Very cutting edge and exciting.

Teaching and Workshops

I love teaching!  I teach a lot.  I teach psychic development classes and have for years now.  I also teach Reiki and very much enjoy that.  Check out my calender for my class schedule.

•    Reiki I, II and III
•    The Gift of Empathy
•    Psychic Development Classes
•    Intro to the Tarot

Online Video Classes

There are two video classes that are available on my website.

  • The Gift of Empathy
  • Psychic 101

These are powerful, fun and convenient video classes that you can do anytime right in the comfort of your own home.  Check them out!

Working with Empaths

I am the author of “The Gift of Empathy” and I  love working with empaths. I do this everyday! It seems like fully half the people who walk through my office door are empathic people who don’t know it and need help!  Empaths are very special but their experience of life can be very painful and difficult until they understand how to properly shield and protect themselves. I love working with Empaths to manage and repair their energy fields, recover from depressions, learn what is NOT their stuff and basically teach and empower them to see this ability as a gift and not a curse.


I guess I could sum up the basis of my healing philosophy as a tremendous drive to empower my students and clients. I am not the kind of psychic/healer who will foster a dependent relationship with my clients. I am all about getting them powered up so they can go off and fly on their own.  The world needs as many healers as we can get! I think that is why I love teaching so much and really enjoy watching the transformation of my students as we move through the class material.

Guided Meditation CDs

I have a wonderful CD of my guided meditations that I teach my students about grounding, clearing and protecting themselves.

Speaking and Lecturing

I also speak at events and expos and do lectures and workshops about empathy, psychic development, and energy healing.  Please feel free to contact me about lecturing at your event!

–Lisa Campion