I’ve seen dozens of practitioners and I am one myself. NO ONE else comes close to the thoroughness and compassion shown by Lisa Campion. She just KNOWS. “

James D

“I went to Lisa feeling confused and overwhelmed. She helped me identify the cause of my problems and gave me very simple, valuable advice. I feel like I know what I need to do now and it doesn’t seem complicated at all. It’s a great feeling and I’m very grateful for that.”

Frances Fairhead

I felt comfortable with Lisa immediately and everything she told me was right on. Go see Lisa! She can help you see things from a different angle. I feel so much lighter, unburdened.

Heidi R

“I felt so empowered by Lisa’s reading: not only for the accuracy, pinpointing some truly difficult challenges and clarifying them, but also the compassionate and caring presence! Truly I feel blessed and grateful for her guidance at a time of much uncertainty for me. You go Lisa! “

Elizabeth H

“Lisa’s gifts are many and she gives them with her heart, soul, and mind to be helpful and supportive in whatever way works for her clients. She always goes the extra mile in her sessions, and I always leave feeling validated, calm and centered, while learning how to take care of myself. A very rare experience in life!”

Patti Roberts

A session with Lisa I presume (this was my first) is different every time, simply because she is so gifted. A few questions start the session and from there out, it is a magnificent roll out of discovery, insight and revelation. You could easily talk for hours and have no end but within the hour, she deftly navigates and you sit in awe of the experience. Then as if that wasn’t enough, you get a magnificent healing which bolsters you up to continue strongly along your path with new knowledge. “

Diane A.

“Lisa is a truly gifted healer and spirit communicator. She connected deeply with me and my beloved who had passed away recently. She gave me such comfort channeling my beloved and providing a direct connection to him. Everything she shared was spot on. Even my beloved gave her a thumbs up during the session saying – “you’re really good at your job” :) And all the while I got a chakra tune up to boot! I left empowered and emotionally more whole. SHE IS THE BEST!”


“Lisa gets to the heart of the matter right away. She’s able to identify an issue and find the path to releasing the energetic “knots”. She’s fantastic to work with!”


“Very thoughtful and intuitive reading. Lisa has a great ability to explain things at your level and make you feel at ease. She makes sure you understand what she is saying before moving forward. Excellent experience.”


“I trust Lisa. I am willing to do the healing work with her because I know she holds my highest good. She is incredibly gifted and I highly recommend her.”

Marjorie L.

“I went in not knowing what to expect, but I left feeling great, as if a weight was lifted off of my shoulders…”

Jason Decesare

“Lisa is amazing! She is truly a gift healer and counselor. I always turn to her when tough or complicated situations arise and she’s never steered me wrong. She is a blessing. She is so on all the time it’s quite impressive.”


“To be honest, it’s amazing, and not at all surprising. After leaving my session with Lisa, I felt…happy again. The color came back to my cheeks, and I felt like I could trust my own judgements again. I could go on and on hut really the best thing to do is experience her sessions for yourself and get to know her and work with her as regularly as possible! I know I will be!”

Stephanie Collins

“It never ceases to amaze me how affirming, insightful and inspirational Lisa is. She is truly gifted on so many levels and I learn so much each time I see her. How do I love Lisa? I know there are truly too many ways to count!

Bonnie S

“Lisa is an answer to a prayer. She is guiding me on a perfect path to healing. I instantly trusted her and found her manner very comforting and compassionate. In just 2 sessions she has given me hope. I look forward to continuing our journey together.”

Marjorie L.