Please join us for this special workshop





Saturday, March 3rd

1:00pm to 4:00pm

Nirvana Yoga Studio

211 Park Avenue, Barrington, IL 60010

Workshop is $75, prepayment required.

(Payment accepted through Venmo or Pay Pal) 

Join Psychic and Master Healer Lisa Campion as we discover how intuitive you already are! Learning to be more intuitive is easy and fun and tapping into your inner guidance will help you navigate through your life with grace. In this workshop, we will find out which of your senses are already open, how to increase your intuition and what you are connecting to when you go within.


Becoming more intuitive is very natural and easier than you think, especially if you know a few important things:


The three biggest ways people block their intuition

Your psychic senses and how to open them further

What you are connecting to when you go within yourself

Easy guided meditations to help you connect to the inner guidance of your own


You will come away with some practical and powerful techniques to increase your intuition and psychic senses which you can use in your life every day to help you make decisions that are more in alignment with your own soul.


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