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My intuition always comes through my belly. I feel it like a fluttery warmth in my belly and then a shiver up my spine. When I feel that, I know I need to act, to move towards something and that it’s good.   When something is off, I also feel it in my belly. It’s a slippery queasy feeling and I get cold. I have learned the very hard way to go towards the happy belly flips and away from the slippery queasy feeling.   It’s like a rudder on a ship.   It requires first of all that I am in my body. I will miss all...

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Happy Easter

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Easter is a time of renewal and rebirth. Thank goodness, since I am in a transition time up to my neck. One of the better qualities that I possess is resiliency and the ability to rewrite my life- to start over, which I have done many times. And I am at it again.   I am at the empty nest part of life. In the next few months, I have one son getting married and going back into the Marines, one son moving to NYC and starting a new life there and my daughter is about to turn 18 (next week!) and is headed off for college in August.   And...

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Living Heart Opened In A Crazy World

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It’s been a rough couple of months for us sensitives, hasn’t it? The world feels like it’s going to hell in a hand basket, as my Grandmother would have said, bless her. I have done a lot of emergency sessions in the past few months with people who feel like they just can’t adjust to our new reality. I have a bit more of a Zen approach to change. It is what it is. As a healer and mystic, I am not called to march or protest although I deeply respect those that do. I recently made a commitment to myself to live with an open heart no matter. It’s...

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The Sensitives Guide to Life in 2017

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Saturday, January 21  9:00 a.m. – 4:00p.m.   Sunday, January 22 (Private Readings)   Libertyville Civic Center, 135 W. Church Street, Libertyville   $79.00   The Present Moment is excited to welcome popular East Coast psychic and spiritual healer Lisa Campion to Chicago. Lisa will be presenting an all-day workshop to help us understand the new and intense energies of 2017 on Saturday and will be available for private readings on Sunday. It’s no coincidence that we’ve invited Lisa here for the weekend following the...

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Holiday Gratitude

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I love that there is a holiday based on gratitude. It’s such a primary part of any spiritual practice. Most spiritual traditions ask us to acknowledge what we are grateful for in our prayers. There is a holy aspect of gratitude that reminds to never take things for granted in this crazy life.   Thank you God for another meal. And another day to be alive. Thank you God that I woke up again this morning and the sun rose and life goes on much as it ever has- at least for today. Thanks for loved ones present and not present. Thank you for...

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Ho’oponopono Prayer

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  Gosh I love the ho’oponopono prayer. It just got me through a very rocky morning. I use it when I am having a conflict with someone and I am feeling heartbroken. I said it for myself for a long time this morning, trying to let go of guilt and codependency. You know that feeling that someone else’s pain was my fault because I had to set a very needful and reasonable boundary for myself. And then I said it for the other person who is hurting and feeling my boundary as a lack of love, which it isn’t. But I totally...

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Grateful Morning

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I am feeling grateful this morning for all the times that I have fallen in love. I am person that falls in love really easily and deeply. It’s happened to me a lot in my life and I haven’t regretted a single one. (Ok. Maybe there was that one…. ;-)) I love that feeling of falling in love. It’s like falling backwards, heart expanded and soul opening. It’s always a big risk, a gamble since there are no guarantees when we fall in love. I tend to jump in both feet first – a little reckless but with a lot of...

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Love The Wisdom of The Tarot

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As the summer winds down, I am starting to think about my fall classes. I still love the feeling of going back to school in the fall! So I am getting pretty excited about teaching the Tarot again.   I highly recommend learning the Tarot for all my psychic students. It’s a fabulous way to develop your psychic ability. When I teach psychic development, I recommend that my psychic students learn a divination tool. Tarot, Rune, I Ching- something like that is the best daily practice for psychic development. And I have a strong personal...

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Relationships! It’s all research, right?

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Relationships.   Can’t live with them, can’t live without them?   Maybe so.   I know there are some lucky people out there who have excellent astrology/karma and also work really hard at their relationships. They are blessed with happy, long term, satisfying relationships. (Bless you all for being an inspiration to the rest of us.)       But I am not one of those people. Like many other people that I know, I am one who has yet to figure out the secret to having a happily enduring relationship. It’s one of the...

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Lessons Of A Garden – by Lisa

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Below is a taste of a new blog I wrote for “The Magic Happens Magazine.”  Click he link below to read the blog in it’s entirety. “After doing hours of psychic readings and energy work with my clients, my favorite thing to do is come home to my garden and putter. I love weeding. You know where you are with weeding, it’s so satisfying and renders immediate results. The weeds are there and then they aren’t! No pesky gray areas. My work is all emotional stuff, sometimes sticky and gooey. Always intense.”  ...

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