Empaths are having a tough time right now, the world is in a rough place and we have been through a lot recently.  Being an empath is something you are born with and believe it or not, it’s a wonderful gift and is a very important part of your life’s purpose.  Most empaths, however don’t feel like it’s a gift, it can sometimes be a very heavy burden and even a curse. So I want to give back to my Empath community by offering an Empathy special.  If you book a session with me between September 18th and October 12th you will receive a special gift, my Gift of Empathy class.

This class consist of five Pre-recorded video classes that will teach you to:

  • Find some elegant and effective ways to say NO- and really hold the line.
  • Set boundaries like a pro and gain respect while you are doing it.
  • Mange your relationships so they are no longer toxic and draining for you.
  • Be fully empowered in your relationships- or decide to do some pruning and let some of them go!

We will also teach a series of guided meditations that are designed to:

  • Ground you and help you stay connected to the earth
  • Help you feel safe in your body
  • Clear negative energy that you pick up just from being out in the world
  • Replace your lost energy- and learn how to stop “leaking” your precious life force energy
  • Learn some energy kung fu to handle the “energy vampires” in your life- who these people are and why they do it will really surprise you!
  • Shield and protect yourself in tricky and toxic environments- which is practically everywhere!

If you are interested in receiving my FREE GIFT book an appointment with me by October 12th.  Book now before this special runs out!  You can click below to be sent directly to my scheduling page.

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