This chakra is your voice, and it rules how you communicate, and all the ways that you express yourself. It’s always been pretty easy for me. I talk for a living. And listen. I do private sessions, teach, write, speak at events, go on the radio and sometimes TV and I love it.

Just yesterday, I got up on a stage in front of about three hundred people and danced my booty off. (Thereby fulfilling a life long dream, I must say. Let’s do it again!)

These days, I am a writing machine. I jump out of bed in the morning an hour early, so I can get an extra hour of writing in. Crazy, right? I am blogging. I am writing material for my new sexuality class “Reclaiming Your Sex Magic and Mojo!” and in all my spare time also working on a few book projects. I write long and hilarious emails to my friends. I journal. I post quirky, smart-ass things on Facebook.

I feel like I could write all day. I wish I could. The words flow. It’s pretty exciting actually, to be this inspired. Writing has a real ebb and flow to it, so when the flow is going, I take it on for all it’s worth.