Chakra Six

This chakra is sometime a painful one for me. Mine is “excessive” meaning there is too much energy running through it. Chakras can be excessive, deficient or balanced. My third chakra is deficient with not enough energy running through it, while this one is excessive. A lot of the time it feels like a faucet that I can’t turn off.

If I do too much psychic work, I get a third eye hang over which is not always pretty.

On the flip side, my psychic stuff has been bigger, better and easier then ever before. Doing readings is almost effortless these days. Information pours out me. If anything, I have to work to slow it down a bit and lighten up, since I don’t want to overwhelm my clients with too much, too deep, too fast.

This is a tricky chakra. It’s your MIND after all. Think about how whack-a-doodle your mind really is. Squirrely. Unfortunately most people run a huge percentage of their chakra energy through their minds. Then they think their thoughts are actually reality. Jinkies.

It takes some work to clean up this chakra. That means you have to examine your thoughts and root out the crazy, old, weird, untrue, silly ones that you think are actually real. (Which is most of them!) Things like -

“I am not worthy.”

“Yankees rule!”

And “What I see on TV is real, right?”