Chakra One – The BODY

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I was recovering from being pretty sick a couple of weeks ago and complaining to my trainer that I was just not on my A game. She said “Double your workouts,” with absolute conviction. I thought she was nuts, but gamely agreed because she is seldom wrong about these things. It’s been a bit grueling, but after about a week of heavy back-to-back workouts with her, I started to feel BETTER.

A lot better actually. In fact, I feel fabulous.

I have been sleeping better, something that is not always easy for me. I have more energy and stamina and I have been much happier. In fact, I feel great. I am sore, oh yes. Sticking to my clean eating regime helps too. No brain fog. No blood sugar dips.

I think I am in better physical shape now then I have been since my college days. It feels good.

My theory is that being physically fit and strong helps me have the stamina that I need to do my life. The whole rest of my very busy life just feels easier, less heavy now. I notice that with other people too. People who have a strong life purpose and are very successful are often very fit and athletic. I think you need a strong body to complete your mission, especially if it’s a big one. And I totally believe that if I want to level up my game personally and professionally, I start by leveling up my diet and exercise.

Couldn’t do it without my trainer, Debbie. She is my muse! Bless you dear.