Chakra Seven

I truly love this one. I spend a lot of time up here. If you want to open your seventh chakra, then mediation, chanting and other spiritual practices are the best!

Mostly, people’s seventh (or crown) chakras open and shut like a door. When you have an experience of the infinite like really believing- “I can do ANYTHING! WOO HOOO!” it opens. But usually the next thought is “No, I can’t! Who am I kidding? I can’t do that… waaah!” And your seventh chakra slams shut. Doh.

Repeat this about fifty times a day and you get a pretty average seventh chakra. It takes FAITH to wake this one up. And spiritual practice.

I love my spiritual practice. It’s part of the backbone structure of my life that I lean on just to get by everyday. Eat right. Exercise. Brush and floss. Meditate. It’s my reward at the end of the day.

Lately, when I meditate, I feel a direct connection from my heart to my 7th chakra. My crown opens up, and I am flooded by a feeling of universal love. It’s an ecstatic sort of love, almost impossible to describe in words. Blissful. I feel utterly content with my life and myself, exactly as it is right now, even with all the imperfections and pain, all my unfinished business and unhealed places. Pretty amazing.