Chakra Three

This chakra is always a mixed bag for me. Historically, it’s been a weaker chakra for me, this solar plexus chakra. I don’t always inhabit this one at a hundred percent. It’s where I can cave in and give up myself in order to please other people.

 I can be a bit door mat-y in this chakra, truth be told. A true People Pleaser, “What can I do for you, so that you will love me back?” was the mantra here. And it’s also where I can fall off my discipline and give into Slack. My third chakra has some bad habits!

But the good news is that I feel better here then ever before. I think it gets the “Most Improved” award. I can feel it stretch open, a little painful, a little itchy. When it’s working well, it’s the master of Just Do It, where self-discipline arises naturally out of healthy self-esteem.

I need support here to help me move out into the world in a more powerful way. Many thanks to my business coaches Bethaney and Wendy who hold my hand as I step out of my comfort zone.

I can feel myself holding a better boundary. Saying no more often. And having more courage to put myself out into the world in a bigger and bigger way. It feels to me like I have my own inner cheering squad in there. “Way to go me! Yee ha! You go girl…”