Chakra Two

Ahhhh, chakra two, you are always my favorite! I LOVE this chakra. I call it the PARTY CHAKRA since it’s where all the fun is. When this chakra is running well for me, which it almost always is, I feel pleasure in every day life. I connect in with the Pleasure Current and just being alive feels good.

And then there are things like chocolate, espresso and sex, the whole sensual experience of being alive and having a body. Yowza. When this chakra is open and flowing (it does FLOW, like water!) then I feel the JOY of just being alive.

For me it’s also a highly creative chakra. I can flow this energy into creative projects and in point of fact, I have been writing my head off. I want to write all the time, that is why I am blogging at 10pm on a Tuesday night.

And of course one of the things that I am creating is a new teleclass on sexuality that I will be rolling out next month. So fun!

There is a rich juiciness about this chakra that fills me and sustains me. I love it!