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Advanced Master Class Intensive for Healers


You are a healer that has learned your modality yet you know there is still more to learn. You love your clients and you want to continue to bring them deeper into their healing.
You know that there is more to learn, and maybe there are still a few missing pieces in your knowledge set. And you have figured out that learning yet one more healing modality may not be the way to do it.
You deeply desire to both serve your clients and also continue your own personal and spiritual growth work, since you know that as soon as you stop growing inside, your healing business will dry up. You are looking for a network of other like-minded and hearted healers from all different kinds of modalities to hang out with and also to grow together. If this is YOU then welcome to The Advanced Master Class Intensive for Healers.

We all have big hearts and want to help so much!   How many times have you had something deep open up in a session and you get that sinking feeling in your stomach, like “Omg, what do I do now?? I don’t know how to handle this!”



Self Care for Empaths


Are you a psychic sponge? That is how most Empaths describe themselves. If you are, then you probably feel like your sensitivity is a curse rather than the gift that it really is. It feels like a giant burden to feel everyone’s feelings as if they are yours! It might even land you in a situation where you avoid people, feel depression and anxiety and don’t even like going out of your house. All because your empathy and sensitivity makes being around other people so painful and draining.



Developing Your Psychic Chakras


What if you could be guided through your life by a totally accurate, wise, built in guidance system that was designed to steer you around life’s pitfalls and point you at your life’s purpose in every minute? Well guess what, you already have that, right at your fingertips! You have seven amazing psychic senses that we call your CHAKRAS and they are totally psychic! Being psychic and intuitive is lot like athletic ability. It’s completely natural and everyone already has their own innate ability. Yet to reach our potential, we have to study and practice!