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One of my clients complained to me recently that she couldn’t get on my calendar quick enough to solve her time sensitive issue. And I have to say that with a book and documentary coming up, my waiting list for appointments is getting longer.


So to help her out, I created a new service just for her and now I want to offer YOU the same opportunity.


This exclusive program might be just the ticket for you if you want to –

  • Go really deeply in your inner work need to drink from the fire hose.
  • Are in the midst of a personal crisis or spiritual emergence. (Same thing, right?)
  • Must have a quick response time from me to get immediate answers for time sensitive decisions.
  • Or you need to be in touch with me frequently and would like to have me on speed dial.


Here is what happened- My client Susie Q was going through a life changing spiritual opening. Her psychic ability was opening more quickly then she knew how to handle. At the same time she had a massive change in her job and some pretty big shake-ups in her marriage and family life.


Honestly, I see this kind of thing all time. It’s a spiritual emergence BUT it can feel like a spiritual emergency! I could see that Susie was going through a rapid growth cycle, which is wonderful (from a spiritual sense) but is pretty freaky and scary in the moment.


She needed a LOT of support. Everything was shifting and she needed some serious guidance, healing work and handholding. Hey, we have all been there, right? It’s the total life make over.


Susie practically begged me- “What will it take to get your time and attention when I need it? Waiting a month for a session is torture…” So we came up with a plan and it really, really worked for Susie. She got the support and guidance she needed.


Next thing that I knew, I was working on her husband and kids too. In fact I just started going to her house with my table and working on her whole circle of people.


Plus she could call, text or email me when she needed help and after about six months, Susie was through the caterpillar stage and well into the butterfly stage.


“Lisa was my lifeline, my guide and my mentor during this hugely important opening and transition that I was going through. I seriously don’t think I would have made it through that without her support. I am in such a good place now and all that hard work was totally worth the peace that I feel right now. I recommend this service to anyone!” – Susie

For Business Owners

It wasn’t long after that that I tried the same method with Casey. She owns her own business, has a great family life and basically kicks booty in every department of her life. And she has a BIG life.


She wanted quick access to me to help her make business decisions. You know the ones that have to be made TODAY and there is no time to wait for an appointment. With Casey, I came into her office and worked on her and then her senior staff. Everyone needed the work!


And as we calmed down and dealt with the personal issues, everyone’s work performance got a whole lot better. Now I am working with Casey and her team on learning the profiles, which help them communicate much more effectively with each other and their clients. With the pack of tools that I taught her, Casey is making better hiring decisions and handling her staff and her customers with grace and ease.


And this all has a big impact on her bottom line. She is making more money!


Isn’t it true that as a business owner most of the problems you have come from PEOPLE? That’s is where I come in- to help you solve the People Problem, which may include you too!


The executives that I have worked with remind me of the elite quarterbacks on a football team. They are like finely tuned performance athletes with a lot of balls in the air and the success of their organizations rests on their own level of performance. No pressure there! So they need help, coaching and support to help them:


  • Make better decisions in every moment.
  • Hire the right people for the right job.
  • Understand and solve The People Problem.
  • Clear through their own stuff so they can reach their potential as leaders.

And all of that gives you a competitive edge. If I were Tom Brady, I would so hire me.


“I have paid tons of money for coaches and consultants over the years and Lisa has been by far the best return on investment for my money to date. She has crucial in getting me and my team up and running effectively. She is my secret weapon!” – Casey

If you feel like this program is for you, here is how you can get in.


SILVER Package- This includes four hours per month of in person meetings , and up to three hours per month of phone and email access. In addition, you will be given my direct access phone number. Our one-on-one meetings can be in person or via Skype. All my sessions include anything you need and prefer, from counseling and coaching, to energy work and psychic work.


GOLD Package- This plan gets you ten hours of face-to face-time with me and up to six hours of phone and email time per month. This can be done all in one day if you like.


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Look forward to working with you!


Love and Smooches!