This is a 12 week pre-recorded video class that you will study at home. 

  • The class will arrive in your email inbox on a Monday.
  • Every other Thursday we have a live Q&A call with Lisa. (This will also be recorded. )
  • The class comes with a private and secret FB page for class discussion and Q&A. Lisa monitors the FB page and will be there for you!
  • Get a ½ hour phone session with Lisa as part of your class!
  • Five Guided Meditation MP3’s
  • Spiritual practice regime to strengthen your psychic muscles

Here is the curriculum.
Class 1 Intro – What Is Being Psychic?
We will introduce to the amazing psychic abilities that you ALREADY have online and help you strengthen your current gift. And YES, you really do have them.
Practical work- Beginning a spiritual discipline that you do every day to sharpen your skills and add new ones.
Class 2 – Basic Training
This class gets you grounded, fully present and ready to do psychic work. In order to do safe psychic development, we need a good solid foundation. This is it! We will also talk about common fears, blocks and why many people (maybe even you?) actually turn their gifts OFF.
We will be adding a grounding mediation to your daily ritual.
Class 3 – Understanding Your Subconscious
The “back” of your mind is where the psychic stuff comes in, so we will give you access to that through your dreams. Learning to remember and interpret your dreams is a must have skill.
Plus we will cover more anatomy of your brain and mind to help you find the right groove (the alpha brain wave) to kick your psychic into high gear.
Adding dreams to your journal is the next practical step.
Class 4 – Beginning To Work With Guides
We all have a unique team of guides that works with us on every level of our lives. This class will introduce you to your team and help you get the most out of working with them.
The practical work incudes a guided mediation that you can do anytime to reach your guides and get messages.
BONUS CLASS -  Power Animals And Earth Spirits
Many psychics connect deeply with nature and when we learn to read the signs and omens in the natural world we connect ourselves back to a huge source of both power and comfort.
Practical- Find your seven “totem” power animals.
Class 5 – A Map to “Over There.”
This is where we give you a map of the three different “realms” and how to navigate them.   And we explore the “Lower Realm.” Don’t be fooled by the name, this is a powerful place! Find out why you need it.
Practical- learning the shaman journey to meet your lower world guide. If this speaks to you then add journeying to your repertoire.
Class 6 – The Middle Realm. Ancestor Guides, Soul Mates And The Masters
Connect with the Middle Realm, which is the world that humanity occupies.  Learn to speak to your ancestor spirits, your soul mates and the masters.
Practical- Find the guide that I call your “Spiritual Director.” This one is in charge of your path!
Class 7 – Dealing With The Dead
What happens when we die? What is a ghost? These are all crucial questions when it comes to dealing with dead people. Mediums are psychics who specialize in speaking to the spirits of the dead. We will cover how to connect and how to help someone cross over who needs help.
Practical- Crossing them over- and basic space clearing.
Class 8 – The Upper Realm- Angels And Other Light Beings
Find out all about the angels, and here is a hint, they are not what you think they are. Get the real skinny on these powerful beings and learn the best ways to work with them.
Practical- calling in the angels mediation.
Class 9 – The Nature Of Your Soul 
We all have a soul, find out the story of your soul’s evolution as it goes on the greatest journey ever, the journey of your own enlightenment.
Practical- Evolution to meet your own soul.
Class 10 and 11 – Doing Sessions
We will discuss in this class how to do sessions with people.  How to work with clients.  How to take everything you learned and apply it to real life.
Class 12 – Q and A