I am very excited to be offering this LIVE psychic workshop. Due to my super busy schedule, I almost never teach LIVE classes anymore. But you asked and I answered the call!  It is taking place on: 


Saturday June 25


 The workshop will take place at the Doubletree by Hilton Boston/Milford in the Norfolk Room.


In this daylong LIVE workshop we have the opportunity to do some hands on, practical work with other folks so you can really practice your chops.  You will be able to:

  • Feel safe so you can stretch yourself
  • Gain confidence through hands on practice
  • Learn to trust your hits
  • Benefit from the wisdom of your own guidance!
  • AND have a ton of fun with like-minded people while you are doing it!


We are going to:

  • Connect you in real time with your guides
  • Do some in-class adjustments to your energy field that will help you-
  • Connect at a higher level
  • And more deeply ground yourself
  • Give you hands on experience reading for other people in the class
  • And we will finish the day with some advanced psychic self defense techniques
  • And a BRAND NEW Pineal gland healing and opening which will help you connect to your guidance at even deeper levels.



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