Empath Free Video Course – Part One

The day I realized that I was an Empath was a life changing one for me. I went to visit a psychic healer friend of mine and I walked in her door exhausted and slumped at her kitchen table.


“Yuck!” was her greeting to me.  “Where have you been?”


“The hospital,” I said somewhat indignantly. “Visiting a sick friend on the ICU ward.” I had a crashing headache and felt queasy. “Do you have any aspirin?”


“Very commendable,” she said, breaking out her smudge stick, “but did you have to bring all the gunk from the ICU ward in with you? You don’t need aspirin, you just need to clear yourself. You are such a strong empath, you soaked up all the stuff like a sponge!”


This was the first time I had heard the concept of being an empath. My friend cleared my energy field with sage, made me a cup of tea and explained the whole thing to me.


Now my goal is to help people like you!  Here is your fist video and you are well on your way!


My hope for you is that you will learn to deal with challenging aspects of being very sensitive and come through the other side to seeing this an am amazing gift that you are bringing into the world.



Don’t forget to go here and take Lisa’s Empathy Quiz after the video!