Empath Free Video Course – Part Three


What it Empathic Overload?


Because empaths are very sensitive to their surroundings and to other people’s feelings, they can become easily overwhelmed in highly stimulating environments.  For example, a trip to the mall may easily overwhelm an empath.  The mall is perfect place to incite overload, since it’s full of all the stuff that stresses an empath’s energy field.


There are many things that might bring about empathic over load but maybe the best way to think about it that if you are a psychic sponge, the sponge gets full!  When that happens it really doesn’t feel good. Lot’s of things can send an empath into empathic over load. Here are a few.

  • Being around really needy or negative people.
  • Big crowds of people.
  • Environments that are noisy, chaotic or full of sensory stimulation, lights, noise and things to look at.


That pretty much sounds like the mall to me!


Being surrounded by a lot of other people, visual stimulation and being in a psychically stressed place can push an empath into overload.  A psychically stressed environment is a place a lot of people congregate. This can be anyplace where other people’s energy and feelings hang around and never gets cleared away. Here are some psychically challenging places for empaths.


Empathic Overload has a huge cost to you. Once an empath hits overload, they will feel a tremendous energy loss and become very tired.  As the psychic senses shut down, the Empath will feel-

  • Disconnected, floaty and spacey. Unable to concentrate.
  • Or in extreme cases, actual dissociation.  (Feeling like you are outside your body or completely disconnected from your body….)
  • Cranky and irritable.
  • Headache or stomach ache
  • Tired and exhausted


A half an hour in Wal-Mart may leave an empath feeling limp, cranky, spacey and reaching for the Tylenol. That is what we are trying to avoid by teaching you your basic foundation skills.


In this video, we will be learning how to clear your energy when you do pick up stuff. It’s sooo crucial that you know this stuff!


So watch the video and let me know what you think!