Empath’s Soul Mission

Dec 12, 2017 by

I pick up strays. Sometimes it’s pets or stray children. These days I “adopt” military people and send them care packages. My impulse to do this is even stronger at the Holidays, because the loneliness is so much harder to bear at this time of year.


This is the gift and the burden of being an Empath. It’s so hard to FEEL people being sad and lonely at the Holidays. We all need to feel loved, and most of us are disconnected and alone. We have lost our way.


Part of the soul mission of an Empath is spread the love around. We are made of love- filled with it beyond the point of being able to contain it.


But we get stopped in our tracks- paralyzed by pain, sadness and other people’s misery.


The cure for this is spread the love around. We are the healers, helpers and caretakers of the world and the world needs us!


Empaths- now is not the time to retreat into your shell. The world needs you too much. Open your heart and give all the love in your heart away to others. (Save a lot for yourself too!)


When you have given, then rest, retreat and release. Be in the woods. Walk your dog. Meditate, ground and clear yourself. Do some art or play some music. Dance. Knit. Binge watch Netflix.


Into that empty space, more love will come, I promise you.


And then get back to giving. Spread the love around. Smile, hug and listen. Show up when other people turn away. We live in our soul’s purpose when we give love to the world.


We ARE love.


Go be what you are.



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