Help And Training For Empaths- The Gift Of Empathy

Hey there, I am Lisa Campion and I am The Empathy Expert. It’s my mission to help train psychics and empaths so that they can step fully into their power as healers and –you know- save the world.
It is my deepest belief that all empaths are meant to be healers, helpers and caretakers in some way. We each have our own unique way of doing this- but that is what empathy is for.
I am here to tell you that I know that empath is an amazing gift. It’s the gift of the healer. Empathy, which the built in ability we have to tell what other people are feeling- is like a built in xray/MRI machine for healers.
BUT until we really understand and learn to master this gift- it REALLY FEELS LIKE A CURSE…

Are you an empath?  Here is how you can tell…

  • Do people tell you that you are too sensitive and too emotional?

  • People are scary and weird, and you feel more comfortable alone or around animals or out in nature.

  • Crowded places like Wal-Mart leave you feeling dragged down, weak and drained.

  • Events where there is lots of activity may wear you out.  (How about a car ride with the kids or a visit with your family?)

  • You have a lot of people in your life that “suck you dry.”

  • You are very emotional yourself AND you feel everyone else’s feelings too.

  • Do you lose energy and/or feel frayed in these kinds of situations?

If you related to most of these questions then you are probably an empath.
If you have this gift you might feel other people’s feelings just like they are your feelings. In fact, you might not be able to tell the difference between your feelings and someone else’s.
That is great!  Lucky you.
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Heart Eye

Being an empath is something you are born with and believe it or not, it’s a wonderful gift and is a very important part of your life’s purpose.  Most empaths, however don’t feel like it’s a gift, it can sometimes be a very heavy burden and even a curse.


But here is the problem… Sometimes it sucks!


Empaths who haven’t learned a few basic techniques to manage their energy fields really suffer. Here are some very common problems that untrained empaths face.



Depression and anxiety

 Lack of energy and vitality

 Weight gain

 Sleeping problems


 Relationship issues

 Over giving and not taking care of YOU


It is important to understand that empaths have spongy, permeable energy fields. So if you are highly sensitive, there’s a good chance you are literally absorbing the energy of the situations and people around you. You dislike conflict, right? This is part of the reason why.


When sensitive and empathic people don’t know how to manage their energy field, they tire and lose energy quickly. Other times, they struggle with anxiety and/or depression.


Not to mention the health problems. I am telling you right now that if you are prone to auto-immune issues then you are surely an empath.


Social anxiety in particular is a really common side effect of sensitivity. Because of this, people who are really sensitive frequently turn to addictions – they try to shut down the sensitivity with things like alcohol, recreational drugs or sleeping tablets.


Empaths also tend to be drawn to people with stronger personalities than they have. Since empathic people often lack a firm internal sense of their own identity, they are easily attracted to situations and people that sort of tell them who they are, whether that’s a social role that you might play or a stronger person than you telling you who you’re supposed to be.


As you can tell, empaths tend to struggle to find themselves. They must learn to trust their inner strength.


The good news is that it’s fairly easy to fortify yourself with some basic skills that will help you transform your sensitivity into the wonderful gift that it is meant to be.


What’s the payoff here? You can live your life’s purpose.


Empaths are very compassionate people, with big hearts. Essential we are the world’s caretakers and we often feel called into the helping professions. The trouble is that those jobs take us right into dangerous territory for us.  Maybe your mission is to be a nurse and work in a hospital or nursing home. That is the very place that will drain your energy and knock you off balance if you don’t know how to manage your sensitivity.


Green Leaves



Being around people in pain, toxic psychic environments like hospitals really takes a toll on people who haven’t learned how to manage their sensitivity. But on the other hand, the depression that many empaths feel comes from not being able to realize their life purpose. The good news is that the techniques I’ll teach you will open up a whole new world for you. And you’ll learn what it can be like when you feel that call and feel confident that you can go into that kind of environment without being drained.


Imagine what it would be like to walk through the world and not get overwhelmed by your feelings and other people’s feelings?  How would you feel if you…

 Learned to manage your feelings and didn’t get overwhelmed by them?

 What if you felt safe and grounded where ever you went?

 What could you accomplish in your life if you could be around people without getting sucked dry?

 Imagine what would be possible if you could hold into your energy no matter what situation you were in, even in a difficult environment like a hospital?


I can help you


I have already helped hundreds of people learn to manage their sensitivity, including myself!
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Most empaths do learn how to manage their energy fields on their own a little bit more as they get older. By the time you hit middle age you’ve probably found some coping strategies to help you deal with it. So the people who suffer the most tend to be children and teenagers. Younger people seem to really suffer the most from an unmanaged empathy. If your child (or children) are highly sensitive, you need to understand them. My class will help you do so.


In the class we teach a series of guided meditations that are designed to:

  • Ground you and help you stay connected to the earth
  • Help you feel safe in your body
  • Clear negative energy that you pick up just from being out in the world
  • Replace your lost energy- and learn how to stop “leaking” your precious life force energy
  • Learn some energy kung fu to handle the “energy vampires” in your life- who these people are and why they do it will really surprise you!
  • Shield and protect yourself in tricky and toxic environments- which is practically everywhere!


Open Heart


Boy relationships can be tough for empaths, right? We are going to spend a whole class on learning about how to find your power in your relationships. We tend to attract those people who want to either boss us around and bully us. Or suck the life out of us. Or both at the same time!


And because we are so kind and wired as healers- we let them! Becoming empowered in your relationships is one the best things that you can do for your well being. And it’s totally possible!






I am going to teach you how to-

  • Find some elegant and effective ways to say NO- and really hold the line.
  • Set boundaries like a pro and gain respect while you are doing it.
  • Mange your relationships so they are no longer toxic and draining for you.
  • Be fully empowered in your relationships- or decide to do some pruning and let some of them go!


Here is what you get:

This is a pre-recorded VIDEO CLASS that you can do from the comfort of your own living room.  It’s tough putting a group of untrained empaths into the same room! And I teach people from all over the world.

  • 4 pre-recorded video classes
  • Plus an audio only version in case you want to listen on your phone or car
  • 2 live Q&A calls with me
  • A secret- private Facebook group with me and your class so that you can share your experiences with others and ask questions anytime!


Here is a breakdown of what you will learn in the class:


Class 1.  The Basics. This is the foundational material that all empaths need to learn about themselves.

 An introduction to empathy so you can understand your own nature.

 The basics of Grounding, Clearing, and Protecting yourself- this is energy management basics that ALL empaths must master.

 We will do a guided meditation to give you immediate help.

 A download of the meditation for you use everyday on your own.


Class 2- The Empathic Energy Field and Why it Matters!

  Working with your energy field and why this is of number one importance.

 It’s your first line of defense and it’s probably a MESS….

 Why empaths have very different energy fields from non-empathic people.

 Some very practical techniques that you can use everyday to help keep yourself grounded and clear.

 Receive another grounding meditation and a PDF file of the techniques.


Class 3 – Learning To Manage Your Relationships

 Looking at the energy balance in your relationships

 Learning to say no and set boundaries

 Dealing with the “energy vampires”

 Caretaking others without losing YOU

 A guided meditation and activities to help you create a firm boundary

Class 4- The Gift of Empathy- Your Life Purpose

 The incredible importance of taking care of you FIRST!

 How to find your unique your life purpose

 How does your empathy create the backbone of you life’s purpose?

 A guided mediation to help you find your life’s purpose as an empath.

I look forward to meeting you in class!



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