Empathy Quiz – Are you an Empath?

Lisa’s Empathy Quiz

This is my empathy quiz and will help you tell if you are an empath and also where you fall on the scale of 1-10. This c an be very helpful to know since it will tell you how much and what kind of training you need.

  • Do you feel what other people are feeling as if it is happening to you?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed in crowded places like the movies, the Mall, airports or hospitals?
  • Are you prone to anxiety and/or depression?
  • Do you prefer to be alone, out in nature, or around animals than around people?
  • Do you feel “sucked dry” by the people in your life?
  • Do you have trouble with boundaries and saying no to people?
  • Were you very sensitive to other people’s emotions when you were a child?
  • Can you feel the presence of spirits around you?
  • Do you feel like most of the “stuff” you are carrying around isn’t yours?
  • Are you drawn to helping, healing and care giving?

IF YOU SAID YES TO THESE THEN YOU ARE AN EMPATH!  You are somewhere in the 1-4 level on a scale of 1-10. This is the first level of empathy, its really normal and healthy, enjoy it! Congratulations. Learning how to manage your empathy will be a big benefit to you as you will get more grounded and handle your relationships with more power.

Let’s see if you are even more empathic.

  • Do you have more extreme or uncomfortable psychic experiences that you have trouble controlling?
  • Are you very sensitive your physical environment? (Maybe you have difficulties going to new places.)
  • Do you have many food or chemical sensitivities or allergies?
  • Do you have fibromyalgia or asthma?
  • Is it very hard for you to be around people and you tend to really avoid them?
  • Are you relationships co-dependent and hard to leave?
  • You are a real magnet for “energy vampires” (those people who want to suck you dry and so you really tend to avoid relationships with people.)
  • Do you have chemical dependencies and/or other  substance addictions?

If these are true for you, then you are a 5-7 on the Empathy scale. (From 1-10) You are very empathic and really need training. At this level, you might need some counseling, or private energy healing sessions as well as taking classes. The good news is that you are probably a very talented psychic and healer, but you will also need to get training for these things.

If you think your empathy is more extreme then this, then please continue…

Here is the checkpoint for very extreme empathy.

  • You have serious and debilitating addictions.
  • You have a mental health diagnosis, such as bi-polar disorder. You have been hospitalized for a mental health issue or you have been suicidal.
  • You may be agoraphobic, have PTSD or OCD.
  • You don’t have any relationships at all.
  • You have are chronically ill, and have major health issues that are hard to resolve.
  • You have trouble functioning in the world.
  • You feel totally overwhelmed by your feelings and by your psychic experiences.

If this true for you, then you may be an extreme empath and you need professional help right away. You should be working with a team of physicians, healers and mental health experts to help stabilize you.

Working on the very basics of empathy, the grounding, protecting and clearing can be very beneficial for you. It’s extremely important for you to stabilize your physical and mental health  before you do anymore psychic opening. Psychic development is NOT RECOMMENDED and can be quite dangerous until you have a firm foundation of physical and mental health.

If you fall in anywhere in the first two categories, learning to harness your Empathic capabilities would be extremely beneficial to you.  Check out my 3 part video course, Empathy 101, so you can get a handle on your Empathy!