Fate VS Free Will

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Just the other day, I had a client in my office who was freaking out because she had just entered The Free Will Zone. She had finished the “fate” portion of her life and had actually earned the right to have the next phase of her life be something she can choose.


“Help!” she said. “I feel like I am hanging out in outer space and I have no idea what to do with myself! I know it sounds nuts, but can you please TELL me what to do next in my life?”


I could sympathize with her feelings, but I couldn’t actually do that for her, free will being what it is, after all.


Fate is always part of our lives, but some people have waaaay more fate on their ticket than other people. Fate consists of those things in life that we don’t choose, at least not down here in 3D. It’s the hand of cards that you get dealt at birth, like your gender, race, your genetics,your family, where you live, all of those things. Plus sometimes inherited traumas and genetic conditions. They are like huge immovable objects in your life, a giant boulder that falls down in the middle of the road, if you will.


Baby souls seem to get more fate then souls that have been around the block a few times. Fate locks you into a certain pattern that is very hard to get out of. It narrows your experience and basically forces you to deal with whatever lessons are in currently in your face. I suppose the comforting thing about fate it that at SOME point, we chose it! Way back up there in Soul World, your own soul knew you needed that lesson.


Sadly, most of the fate lessons that we experience are things our personalities would absolutely NOT choose. Fate dishes out the tough lessons. If your personality could find a way to wiggle out of those experiences, it totally would! So your soul chooses it and then fates you into it, so you can’t skip class.


Yeah, baby!


Once our souls grow up a little bit and advance, we actually EARN free will. We earn the right to choose. This is a free will planet, our world is a place of polarity, of duality. So we have night and day, up and down, men and woman, and good and evil. And then we can choose. We have all kinds of amazing experiences expressing our free will! (Seriously. Regardless of whether they are good experiences or horrifying ones, I am always in a state of amazement at the choices that we make!)


It’s an incredible power, and it’s one of the reasons that the angels were jealous of us humanoids. We can go into a tattoo parlor and pick ANYTHING we want! Pretty sure angels have to choose from a proscribed set of two heavenly approved tattoos.Skulls and roses are out. So are the evil clowns. Looks like it’s Tweetie Bird or butterflies for those dudes! ;-)


And if you are coming off a or a phase of your life where you had a lot of fate, free will can feel pretty weird. It’s a wild, wide open, scary sort of feeling. And as older souls, we also know that we must then take responsibility for our choices and it can feel like a heavy burden. Free will can have some pretty heavy gravity! We know we are stuck with the results of we choose poorly.


My poor client was wrestling with a common problem that newbie free-willers have. She had no idea what she WANTED. When you have been living through a heavy fate pattern, we don’t get the luxury to feel what we want. We get more spiritual lessons on things like humility, service to others and the ability to endure. (Otherwise knows as the “Embrace The Suck” lesson.)There is no need to know what you WANT when all you can do is have faith and embrace the suck.


So stage one of the Free Will Zone is about learning how to feel what we want. Imagine you are in Spiritual Bootcamp somewhere and everyday you sit down to eat your gruel of the day, just happy that you aren’t starving.


Then you graduate from bootcamp and go to a big, gorgeous restaurant with a hundred things on the menu. How do you order? How do you know what you even want?


My advice? Head straight to the buffet and try a little sumptin, sumptin from every dish!


It’s good work to do, to tune back into what we want. Good soul work. And if you are currently in a Free Will Zone, your intuition will guide you through it. Our own souls speak to us through our intuition, so the sign posts are always there. Right there in your feelings, dreams, hunches,impulses and nudges.


Free will is a huge gift! I try to remind myself that on a daily basis. The power of free will is amazing, beautiful and healing too.Thankfully, since free will is one of the strongest the rules of this dimension, free will TRUMPS fate every time. Thanks be! It does because no matter what fate has dished to us, we still have power of free will to choose HOW are going to deal with it.


We can choose to accept our fate with grace, live in the moment, and rise above it the best that we can.


We can choose if we are going to feel like a victim or have faith and see a bigger vision.


We can choose to look on the bright side, make lemonade and see the glass as half full.


And we can choose to open our hearts even in grief, rather that shut them down in despair.


Free will is pretty groovy! Have fun choosing!




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