FREE CALL – Increase Your Psychic Ability Through The Art Of Divination



Listen to my FREE CALL on the Art of Divination.  What is divination beyond a class that Harry Potter took at Hogwarts?


Divination is a magical art of seeing signs and omens or perceiving possible futures by using divination tools. We are familiar with many of these, like the Tarot cards, Runes, Pendulum and the I-Ching.


Divination tools are extremely useful in helping you develop your psychic ability. Mastering a divination tool and using it every day is an amazing way not only to get more useful and practical information about your life, but also to really solidify your chops as a psychic.


When we master a divination tool, we strengthen our psychic ability, like taking it for a workout at the gym.


I use the Tarot myself every day to check in on my own life because as soon as something triggers me, I lose the ability to connect to my own inner guidance. That is where divination tools are so useful and comforting.


We are going to discover some of the more strange divinatory tools like Phrenology (the art of reading the bumps on someone’s head) and Augury (The art of seeing signs and omens in wildlife and the natural world. Did you know New Englanders where famous not only for reading tea leaves but also in Lace Reading?

But we will probably skip some of the really outré methods like these, although I love how weird they are!

  • Aleuromancy: Divination through messages written on paper and inserted into dough. (AKA- Fortune Cookies).
  • Moleosophy: Divination through the interpretation of moles on the body.
  • Gyromancy: Divination by walking or twirling around a circle marked with letters until dizzy and using the letters at the point where the person falls or stumbles to spell out a prophecy.


I am also going to teach you some scrying- this is reading using the four elements of earth, air, fire and water.  This is where we get the age-old idea of the psychic reading the crystal ball.  I know you have done this yourself by sitting at the edge of the ocean and staring into the cashing waves or staring into the heart of a burning fire.


So join us to find out how divination can help you open and expand your psychic ability!


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