Heart Break Special – The Heart Renewal Package




Just in time for V-Day! It’s tough facing Valentines Day with a broken heart. (Come on in and we will fix that sucker!)


You deserve to have love! And sometimes we have to clear out the old to bring in the new. Did you know that you attract relationships based on your vibration? It’s all about resonance- like attracts like. If you want to upgrade the kind of people that you are attracting into your life, you need to up-level your own vibration by doing some inner work. Hanging on to the past heart breaks or having the ghosts of old lovers in your heart can seriously block your ability to bring in someone new.


This package is designed for healing old relationship wounds so that you can let go of the past and ready your heart (and yourself!) for a new relationship- or improve your current one. In this three session special we are going to:


    • Work through past lives and past trauma around relationships
    • Recognize and release soul contracts with your old partners
    • Powerful energy work to release painful heart break, grief and blocks in the heart
    • Cord cutting to help you let go of past relationships
    • Use a custom-made exercise to help you truly forgive. (And you know it’s YOU that you need to forgive, right?)
    • A meditation practice to help you hold a new heart vibration on your own


This package includes three sessions (In person, by skype and phone) plus some work at home exercises to help you release the past. You will also get a specially charged crystal to carry with you.


Contact me and we will get you set up with this right away! I only have a few of these spots open so come and get ‘em.


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