How would you feel…

Jun 7, 2009 by

How would you feel…

if you could really talk with your soul? How would your life change? That’s what my work is about. With deep listening, compassion and expert intuition I will help you find answers to your questions about your life purpose, relationships and health. Whether you are facing a specific challenge or transition, or simply feel the need for a “course correction” we can find a road map together. If you are a highly empathetic or intuitive person, or if you want to understand yourself spiritually and energetically then I look forward to meeting you.

I would also like you to know that you are not alone. We are all unique, with our own history, experiences, karma and destiny. An individual reading with me is an intimate way for you to understand yourself, while my classes offer you the opportunity to learn about the greater energies and systems that affect us all.

Thanks!  ~  Lisa Campion

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