Invitation to Bliss

Do you live in BLISS?  Do you think it’s even possible to do that?

Lisa: Maybe you are like me, nose the grindstone. Work, work, work, go, go, go, do, do do! (How exhausting is that?)

Courtney: Or maybe you are like me, connected to the cosmos but still not always feeling my groove.


Imagine our surprise when we realized that that we could become completely magnetic, getting the yummiest, juiciest and most fulfilling parts of our lives by getting all blissed out and tapping the magnetic yin energy that we all have inside of us.







And we want to INVITE you to experience more BLISS, more JOY and become completely magnetic while you are doing it.



Become A Soul Magnet! And Attract What You Want From A Deep Soul Level!

How do you get MORE by doing LESS?  We are going to turn you on to the power of your Yin energy.  You know that we all have a yin/yang polarity in us. A feminine and masculine side, right?

Well, most of us are used to working hard and trying to get things done the HARD way that means a lot of elbow grease and task oriented mindsets: the have to/gotta/should stuff. We try to MAKE things happen by using our will.  This is our Yang energy, the masculine energy.

The Yang energy manifests by working hard, keeping to a schedule and getting things done. It loves crossing things off your to-do list. And for sure there are times then you need that energy. We do. But it cannot be how you run your show completely because inevitably we get burnt out, exhausted, frustrated, and resentful and then we actually become way less effective.

Or worse even sick, injured or depressed.

Of course we need our Yang and there is nothing wrong with this side of us!  The problem is that we are meant to be both Yin and Yang and most of us suppress our Yin and live waaaay to much in the Yang. And since our culture is very Yang too, we end up heavily imbalanced towards the Yang.

Here is how to diagnose and over abundance of Yang:

  • You are a workaholic, striving and working all the time
  • You are a slave to your never ending to-do list.
  • You have no room in your life for YOU.
  • You are feeling dried and up dusty with no juice in your life.
  • You never have any fun, in fact you are not sure what fun even looks like anymore.
  • Pleasure seems like a guilty, naughty or frivolous thing.
  • You have many symptoms of burnout like thyroid and adrenal problems.
  • Resentment and exhaustion have become your primary states of being.
  • You try and push reality with your will, like you are arm wrestling all the time.
  • And when you make things happen from your will, they dry up as soon as you stop “efforting.”


What a drag! And really? So draining.


Lisa - “This is hard for me. I am a striver by nature and I can get hyper focused and work my tail off, burn myself out and live in some workaholic, contracted, fear based version of hell on earth. Seriously. I lived there for many years! And as a single mother, I can pile on even MORE yang like expectations.  The day that I fell asleep crying, exhausted and clutching my to-do list, I knew I needed an intervention.

That is when I took a month long Yin-cation and it changed my life. In fact, now I do that that every year. I don’t start anything new. I do as little as I can. I spend a lot of time reading, resting, getting pampered. I go away and get out of town and spa it up. When I come back at it, whatever is going on just flows, my energy is restored and I get back into my groove. Whew!”


Courtney - “I spent my whole life as an overachiever, go-getter, doer. Chasing gold stars, milestones and approval. I never felt good enough and I always had to try harder and do more. Total perfectionist…and utterly miserable. It got so bad that I ended up having a total nervous breakdown, tried to kill myself and spent almost a year in a mental institution with shock therapy and everything.

It was the darkest time of my life and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone! Now I take frequent timeouts in nature, going to both the forest and ocean to relax and connect. And when I stopped pushing so hard…something I wrote from my deepest heart went mega viral and was shared over ten million times over the world!”

And it doesn’t have to be painful or difficult to make this inner shift!

When you tune in and turn of your inner YIN which is mostly made of BLISS by the way, then we become supremely magnetic to attracting things in your life. And you sign up for a life that is actually joyful to live in, not a horrible burden that must be endured.


When we balance the system by spending more time in the Yin, life not only becomes fun and pleasure again, we actually become more magnetic.  We TURN UP the Yin by by doing things that you have been AVOIDING doing, because they are so fun that they feel naughty or lazy.


Like these forbidden fruits:

  • Napping, sleeping, resting and lounging
  • Having hot sex, making love and enjoying our sensual side
  • Painting, writing and drawing and other creative pursuits
  • Doing NOTHING- having unscheduled time
  • Pampering yourself
  • Having fun and playing
  • Surrounding yourself with beauty and pleasure


These are all qualities of the YIN energy, the female energy.



YIN it to WIN It~

The Yin energy is a huge blessing to us, because it’s very nature is to be naturally magnetic. When we activate the Yin in us, our soul energy shines through and each of our chakras acts like a magnet.

And by the way, it doesn’t matter what your gender is, we all have Yin in us, and both men and women will benefit from balancing their inner polarity and bringing up more Yin.



Tune into the Invitation to Bliss with Courtney and Lisa and learn how to activate your YIN energy – we promise it will be a yummy and delicious experience!

We are going to take you through everything you need to YIN UP regardless of your gender so that you can both shine your light in the world the way you were meant to and also attract to you a life that resonates with your SOUL rather then your WILL.


Living in the BLISS ZONE

It was such a relief to figure out that we could stop the crazy striving and let the magnetizing power of Yin work for us.  Allowing more Yin in your life puts you in the BLISS Zone which is awesome for manifesting what your heart really wants.


Lisa – “All the best things in my life have come to me when I have been in the Bliss Zone.  When I get there, I feel so happy and content and then things just happen. The most amazing parts of my life have dropped into my lap, things that were so cool that I couldn’t have even imagines them myself.  And then I feel it, and say YES!  Teach in a Mystery School?  Yes. Be in a documentary about healers? Yes. Create a playshop about bliss?  YES!”


Courtney – “Last summer, I went to the woods nearly every day. I’d swim in the lake and go to a special spot I found where damselflies and dragonflies gathered.  I started “asking” them to land on me. And? THEY DID!!!! I took about 50 pics of these incredible beings and it was SO magical and I felt like an excited little kid! Every time I take a beach day to go look for sea-glass or swim in the ocean?  That night I usually have three or four new clients reach out to me or projects that seemed to appear out if the blue. Out of the bliss. And I have countless examples of this now. I’ve come to call it slowing down to speed up. Mojo. Miracles. Magic. We all have this capacity. Less push; more flow.”


When you are in the Bliss Zone

  • Things just come to you
  • Invitations come to you, things fall in your lap
  • Magic happens every day
  • You tend to attract soul things with the yin
  • Each of your chakras becomes like a magnet
  • We can get more of what we want and more juicy stuff by actually doing less
  • And if you are a doing machine you are probably actually BLOCKING your flow




So we know that the last thing that you want was a workshop that just piled on more for you to do. Do you notice that sometimes workshops that are meant to be helpful just make you feel BAD about yourself, feed your inner critic, or pile on more shoulds?

I should lose that last ten pounds, take everything fun out of my diet, eat nothing but grapefruits, clear my clutter, run a triathlon, figure out how to tick ten years off the clock, find my soul mate and become Martha Stewart.  If I could just figure out how to be PERFECT, how to be someone other than me, my life would be great!”


The great thing about YIN is that we learn to soften up on ourselves. We learn to relax, love who we are exactly NOW without changing a hair on our ALREADY perfect heads.

Living in the Yin, is about leaning into and accepting ourselves with love, joy and pleasure. You don’t have to DO or BE anything extra, it’s more about softening, loving, accepting, leaning in to your feelings whatever they are,  instead of leaning away. It’s about feeling pleasure, joy and love in the moment that you are in RIGHT NOW.

So we are going to show you how to do that! With practical examples, exercises and support along the way.



Here is what to expect in the classes…

Class 1 – The Yin Wisdom Of The Body

Remembering the innate wisdom of the body
Getting in your body, listening and loving it
Pleasure and sex - the yinnest of all!
Body/pleasure/sex practices
Libido as life-force


Class 2 -  Magic And Logic, Power And Flow, Soul And Will

Forcing with will vs flowing with soul
Taming the inner critic
Liking and approving of yourself
Bragging as a spiritual practice
The Yin-over


Class 3 – Heart And Throat – Speaking The Voice Of The Heart

The Yin nature of love!  Especially self love
Finding your unique voice – speaking the words of the heart
Creative expression – writing, painting, dancing, singing
The total necessity of art and beauty


Class 4 – Intuition And Spirit

Why you are already amazingly intuitive!
And how to let connect even more to your inner guidance
Letting spirit move through us
Saying yes … The FULL BODY, cellular yes!



Here is what you get…..

Four Pre-recorded teleclasses with Lisa and Courtney the BLISS SISTERS,  a PRIVATE and SECRET Facebook group for fun, sharing and question asking.  

Plus as a BONUS you will receive Ebooks by Lisa and Courtney

The Power of Yin: Mojo, Magic and Miracles- By Courtney Walsh (Valued at 47$)
Understanding Your Chakras for Healing- By Lisa Campion (Valued at 47$)