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Do you live in BLISS?  (Did you just roll your eyes?) Do you think it’s even possible to do that?


Lisa: Maybe you are like me, nose the grindstone. Work, work, work, go, go, go!


Courtney: Or maybe you just feel a constant outflow of juicy creative ideas but don’t know how to match them up with receiving prosperity energies or how to make time/space to develop them.



Imagine our surprise when we realized that that we could become completely magnetic, allowing the yummiest, juiciest and most fulfilling parts of our lives to become aligned by getting all blissed out and tapping the magnetic yin energy that we all have inside of us.









 We want to invite you to a FREE call that we did to help you tune into the bliss channel

  • To bring more BLISS into your daily life
  • To help you create more JOY and FLOW in your career, partnerships, home and family life
  • While you are having MORE fun and pleasure
  • That will then lead you to manifest more of what you want by DOING less!



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If it sounds too good to be true, it’s really not. It’s too true not to be good.


You have probably heard about the PAIN BODY, right?  Eckart Tolle talks about the Pain Body as the defensive aspect of us. It holds the pain and trauma that we have accumulated throughout our lives, and we work it out in therapy and over time heal it.


But imagine what it’s like when you try manifesting or creating from your Pain Body. Yikes. It’s like putting your inner critic plus all your fear/pain and left over trauma in charge of creating your life. The shouldmonster starts running your show and stealing your happy. Yuckola. Drama, struggle and annoying patterns in career, relationship and life start getting REALLY old after awhile.


“I can’t seem to get out of my own way.”


 “I’m tired all the time.”


“I feel like I’ve lost my mojo.”

“I just want to be happy again.”


“I feel like I have no time for myself.”


Sound familiar?


Feels horrible, right?  I guarantee that you have already been there, done that and got the bumper sticker too. (Life sucks and then you die…Same crap different day)


When you live from your Pain Body, you know it!


  • Decisions are made from pain and fear
  • Life feels like a heavy burden
  • You block your own joy and pleasure
  • Life revolves around doing things for other people or carrying out someone else’s agenda
  • You use coffee to gear up your day and wine to wind down and you always feel both tired and stressed anyway
  • Your fun muscle atrophies. (Fun…? What’s that!)
  • You live as a slave to your to- do list.


We have all been there and done that!


Lisa - I have done it until I have burned out my adrenal glands and thyroid and wrecked my health. All from living out of this crazy vow that I inherited from my family about “good people drop dead in the saddle.”  Yikes.


Courtney - “And I have done it until depression almost killed me! It literally felt easier to die than suck it up anymore and try and fit myself into someone elses program or idea of who or how I should be.”


And it’s sooooo sad, since it doesn’t HAVE to be that way. In fact living so hard actually completely BLOCKS your ability to manifest with joy and ease. Plus, it’s just not why we are here!  It’s truly no way to live. Your focus becomes about survival rather than thriving. Getting through it rather than being present and enjoying life to the fullest. Paying bills and making deadlines and running here, there and everywhere. Exhausting.


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Sure, we all have our problems, challenges and sorrows, we all really do. We learn some great lessons through suffering, but it is not the whole picture! Life is also meant to be:


  • Juicy, rich and fulfilling
  • Nourishing and nurturing
  • Sensual and full of pleasure (You have that body for a reason!)
  • Fun, creative and playful
  • Full of delicious connections to other people
  • Prosperity and abundance that begins to become the ocean rather than a puddle


You can and should have all that, and MORE! Not as a pressure thing but as a “you deserve it” thing!


The Bliss Body


We get there by learning to heal and dis-identify with the PAIN BODY.  Let’s be clear: this isn’t about denial or bypassing. But it IS a conscious shift to a new way of thinking and being.


We need to wake up and activate the BLISS BODY.  Yes, that is right. A Bliss Body.  I don’t know about you, but I want to live in my Bliss Body all the time!


When you create and manifest your life from the Bliss Body, you have a life that is filled with bliss, ease and yumminess. Your nervous system begins to be soothed and you are more productive, in flow and happier and more relaxed overall. As well as healthier generally and fueled with more vitality and radiance. Happy women are sexy women!


What if you could harness the magnetic power of your Bliss Body? You absolutely can.  Here is what will happen when you do.


  • Invitations come to you
  • Opportunities fall in your lap
  • You live each day with pleasure and joy instead of working constantly
  • Each of your chakras becomes a magnet that attracts soul level, juicy things into your life.
  • We can get more of what we want and more juicy stuff by actually doing less
  • People will start saying things like: “You look different, are you losing weight? You look so rested. You have such a glow about you.”
  • Relationships will become more intimate and mutual


LISTEN to this free call to learn how to activate your Bliss Body and make the shift from living in PAIN to living in BLISS!


Here is the best news!  Activating the Bliss Body is really fun. It’s not a lot of hard work. It’s much more about letting go of all the hard work and aligning more to our inner YIN energy.


In our four week Invitation To Bliss playshop, we will be showing exactly how to live more in the YIN energy, regardless of your gender. We all have an inner polarity, a Yin and Yang energy.


And we will be giving you a major KEY to this on our free call.


So go ahead and listen now, all you have to lose is pain and hard work and all you have to gain is remembering that life is supposed to be fun, joyful and pleasurable. Less struggle, more flow. Do this for yourself. You do so much for others. It’s time for you now.


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