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One of the worst problems that empaths have is ANXIETY.

And I mean the WORST.  I don’t know about you, but I think anxiety is the most uncomfortable of all the emotions. At least it is for me.  It’s that broken glass in your stomach feeling, you can’t find any comfort for it once it gets ahold of you. Many empaths suffer from:


·         Social anxiety

·         OCD

·         Free form anxiety

·         Panic attacks


Because we are so sensitive it can seem like just being alive in the world creates anxiety. It’s like being in the world with no skin on you at all. And every little thing you pass by sticks to you like glue.  UGH.


No wonder we feel anxiety. All of our sensitive radar apparatus tunes into the misery and suffering of those around us.  We feel the pain of the world and then we think we are crazy!




These are some of the biggest and toughest situations for empaths that create anxiety:


·         Crowded places – The mall during the holidays!

·         Movie theatres – everyone feeling the same thing at the same time.

·         One on one with someone who is super upset

·         At work when you can tell someone is mad at you – even if they aren’t saying so!

·         Big box stores – maybe any stores.

·         Social events like parties, concerts, and restaurants.


I hate it when I see empaths who are so anxious that they become almost like recluses, afraid to leave their homes, that makes me so sad. Anxiety is rough on your health too, so it really can take a toll on you.

I know you have had days where you feel like this:










The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. I cured myself from a pretty serious anxiety disorder and I am so psyched to be able to share what I learned with you in this FREE CALL.

This is what we are going to cover:


·         Why empaths are more anxious than others – your porous and spongy energy field

·         The difference between FEAR (which is good) and ANXIETY, which isn’t.

·         The different kinds of anxiety

·         LOTS of practical ideas for treatments and healing from anxiety.


I feel really strongly about this.  ALL empaths are healers, helpers or caretakers. We are meant to be out in the world, helping people, each in our own unique way. And it’s very difficult to do this if you can’t get off your couch at home.

The world needs all the healers it can get!  So it is my mission to help all you empaths, introverts, and sensitives heal yourselves so you can all go out into the world and complete your missions. You know, saving the world!


Think about this for a moment:


·         Without anxiety, who could you be?

·         What would you be able to do in the world that you can’t do right now?

·         What possibilities exist in your relationships if you weren’t anxious?

·         How would jump into your life purpose?


Anxiety is like a prison. It locks us down and keeps us from living the fully switched on, juicy lives we were meant to live.

It often hobbles us – preventing us from fully stepping into our life’s purpose, which is always about helping others in some way.

Imagine if you could come out of that prison.


·         Maybe you would be more social and deepen your relationships.

·         Explore the wonders of the world we live in at fun events, like concerts, movies, galleries, restaurants, parties and other social events. With actual other people… ;-)

·         Hopefully you would continue to explore how to bring your gifts into a world that is desperate for healers.


That is my hope for you! You so deserve it.

In this call we are going deep into the nitty-gritty world of anxiety and I am going to teach you the same practical steps for anxiety relief that I have used on hundreds of my clients as well as with myself.

Some of these tips include:


·         Mindfulness techniques – how to do this and why it’s works so well

·         Which types of healing modalities work for which types of anxiety

·         Guided meditations and other techniques to strengthen your energy field

·         How to pick the right healing modality that will actually work for you – so you don’t waste your time and money


So listen here for this free call and get these tips on how to work through your anxiety!  The world needs you fully operational! And you deserve relief from feeling the awful strain of anxiety.

This is really my passion in the world. I feel totally called to help all empaths, psychics and healers get the training and healing in the world so that they can go out and live their life’s purpose.

The world needs all the healers that it can get!

Any day where I can help a struggling empath understand their gift better and to become empowered is a very good day for me.



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