Lisa’s Business Wizardry- Financial Success For Holistic Practitioners

How to go from

Hot Mess To Business Success~



Hey all you Reiki practitioners massage therapists, psychics, energy healers, and coaches. How’s your business going? If you are pulling in six figures already, you might not need this, but if you aren’t read on. I just finished a round of this class and it was such a big hit I am running it again now. :-)


One of my Reiki students called me the other day and asked me if I would help her get her small but budding healing practice off the ground.


“Lisa, I need help. I KNOW in my heart and soul that I am a great healer and could be helping tons of people. But the business end of things is so hard for me! I am just not a natural business person, in fact I am a HOT MESS! I don’t have money to put into my business cuz I am not making money. I don’t know where to start or what to focus on first and I keep spending money in all the wrong places and nothing I do brings me more clients. It’s all completely overwhelming. Help me, please! I don’t want to be a hot mess, I want to be a success!”


If you have been thinking about starting or improving your holistic business practice this might sound a little familiar.


This makes me very sad.


My mission, what I live, breathe and die for is to train healers. The world needs all the healers that it can get! I have trained many talented, wonderful healers who are sitting at home twiddling their thumbs and not working since they don’t really know how to build their practice to the point where they can actually make money doing what they love.


“But Lisa, I don’t think I have a chakra for that!”


You CAN rock your business chakra and become a 6 figure earner doing what you love!


I know you can because I do and have done for years.


I know many of you have tried and failed, or just been too afraid to even try. Maybe you don’t know HOW to create a successful practice that actually earns you money.


And that’s ok. But I know you can learn, just like I did.


How would it be to:


  • Earn money doing what you ACTUALLY love
  • Work around your kids and families schedule
  • Transition out of the soul sucking day job that you hate
  • Make actual, real MONEY as a healer, coach or energy worker


I am here to tell you that it can be done! I have done it and still do it every day, and I know you can too. What you do need is a comprehensive, simple and doable plan that doesn’t make you spend money you don’t have.


Maybe you need a little hand holding, encouragement and cheerleading.


You definitely need to work through:

  • Inner resistance
  • Limiting beliefs about money and your self worth
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Self sabotaging behaviors


I am so committed to all the healers that I know being out in the world living their life purpose that I am going to share with you everything I know about running a successful healing practice that actually makes REAL MONEY as well as serving your clients and saving the world.




If you know me, you know that I practice what I preach. I have run an enviable, financially sound healing practice for the past 15 years that has completely supported my family. I have always been a Spiritual Entrepreneur; (AKA- A Business Wizard) this is a very strong archetype for me. So through out my whole professional career (over 30 years) I have NEVER worked for someone else. I love running my business and not only do I have a natural knack for it, but I have also trained with many of the best people.







“Lisa Campion is the “Real Deal.” I really wanted to start my Healing Practice but I didn’t know where to start, even though I am an entrepreneur with experience in other fields. I tried in the past to get a healing practice going, but just spiraled out of control. My day job was not paying the bills and I was not happy working for other people.

Lisa’s work goes SO much deeper than the basic “how to do this and that.” She challenges you on a the deep level and sets expectations (with a warm mom hug). All the while supporting you the whole way and is your biggest fan when you reach a goal.

During her class, I went from zero clients to launching a legit practice. I signed a one year lease in a space, got a mailing list, got out there with taking action, learned about social media and other tools, and most importantly got real – live clients that pay me.

Lisa helps set achieving goals, coaches and shares the road she’s traveled, all the while holding your hand, giving you excellent tools and bringing in bonus classes to and support you. I cannot speak more highly of Lisa, I am glad we have crossed paths, If you are waiting for a sign to signup this is it!”

Diane Z- Diane Z Healing and Art Design





I have been a hot mess too sometimes!



I have boiled down the best of what I know, with tried, tested and true techniques that will help you rocket launch your healing practice into something you will be proud of, making you a Biz Wiz too.



On top of all of that, I absolutely know that it must be simple and straightforward without costing you money that you don’t have.




No complex, gimmicky, pushy or icky marketing techniques. Just you being totally authentic so you can find your people.


Don’t you hate it when people adopt those super slick marketing techniques and you don’t even know who they are anymore? Ugh.


I deeply believe that you need to stick to your guns, and be truly YOU, be 100% authentic since your clients want the actual YOU. Marketing is fun and easy, not scary at all when you realize it is just you telling your story authentically so your people can find YOU!


This is perfect for those that want to run a thriving in person or phone private healing practice. So I am looking for:


  • Reiki and energy healers
  • Psychics, mediums and intuitive healers
  • Massage therapists and body workers
  • Coaches and therapists



I believe that running a holistic business should be:


  • Simple and not too tech heavy
  • You can start right where you are without investing money you don’t have on technology you don’t need.
  • You can ramp up from where you are even if you have no clients, no mailing list and no where to work
  • It’s actually sort of fun when you know what to do!


I am going to walk you through step by step, with a lot of hand holding, and practical homework so you can meet your business and money goals.


Maybe you need to:


  • Pay for your own life
  • Put your kids through college
  • Save money for retirement
  • Earn money to live your dream life.




There is no saying you can’t do your life’s work and actually make money too. It can totally be done. We need to ditch the old programs that tell us that “spiritual people” can’t make money or run an effective business. In fact the opposite is true.



The world NEEDS you to be out doing your work.


Your clients are waiting for you! Quit being a HOT MESS and get your act together so they can find you.


I created this class after having trained thousands of Reiki (18 years a Reiki Master Teacher) and Full Spectrum Energy healers (11 years teaching in the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine) and seeing my newly minted healers struggle with getting their practices up and running.


This class is for anyone looking to build a successful and lucrative healing practice, whether you are seeing your clients in person, or coaching them over the phone.


It’s perfect for you if you if:


  • You are a wet behind the ears newbie and have nothing in place yet
  • You have a few clients here and there but nothing consistent
  • You have a pretty good practice but can’t seem to grow it bigger






This is going to be a small coaching group where you are going to get individual attention on your specific business goals and your business. But I am going to tell you up front that this will require hard work that stretches you out of your comfort zone. Expect weekly homework that will challenge you in unexpected ways, but that is what it takes to kick FEAR and RESISTANCE to the curb and move forward with power.



Because it’s a small coaching group, you will need to fill out a short application so that you and I can decide if this is the right class for you. Expect a short phone call from me after you submit your application.   Click HERE for an application.


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Here is what we are going to do:


  1. Understanding Your REAL Life Purpose - So you can get clear on your mission. Many people get this completely and tragically wrong and then can’t move forward at all! Truthfully, we do not pick this, it picks us. And here is something really funny, your REAL life purpose is totally obvious to everyone but you!


  1. Setting Powerful And Achievable Business Goals - There is NO WAY to manifest something if you don’t know what you are aiming for. Too many healers leave this all vague and fuzzy. “My angels will send me the right amount of clients…” That doesn’t fly, even in angel world. What do you really want? How many clients, how much money? You need concrete, measurable and attainable goals.


  1. Doing Your Inner Work And Dealing With The Hot Mess! - This is about handling the victim, saboteur, prostitute and inner child. We all have them! They can work for your or against you. It’s where all your bad habits come from like procrastination, anxiety, feeling unworthy, self sabotaging, spending on the wronging things and feeling overwhelmed.


  1. Branding 101 – Finding the archetype of your business. It’s all about knowing yourself. Once you understand your unique offering, branding is easy. It’s telling your story with complete authenticity so your clients can find you. Marketing is your friend, it really, really is!


  1. Basic Must Have Business Tools (For the non-techy) - This is the nitty gritty stuff. Mailing lists, handing credit cards, website, virtual assistants, insurance, taxes, incorporating, websites, business cards. Learn how to totally shoestring it on NO budget and also where to spend your money. No need to be afraid- you have got this!


  1. Networking And Referrals - The backbone of your business. Your biz will fail if you can’t nail this. Still shy about talking about what you do? We will practice, practice, and practice until you can talk shop with anyone.


  1. Mastering Social Media - It’s a crazy, scary world! Learn how to master it and make it work for you. (Hint- it’s waaaay easier than you think!)


  1. BONUS CLASS One - Please join the amazing Rhys Thomas as he talks about how to use the 5 Life Purpose Profiles in your business


  1. BONUS CLASS Two - Resonance Repatterning with Liz Tobin. Liz will run a long distance healing for our class to also help through limiting beliefs about money and self worth.


  1. Running A Session That Makes Them Come Back For More, Without Draining Yourself - Setting boundaries, working ethically, getting help when you need it, dealing with difficult clients, managing your time, and handling a client crisis. Plus energy management techniques so you can have a healthy work/life balance.





This is a PRE- RECORDED video class so you can be anywhere in the world and have life-long access to it. You will also receive an audio only file so you can listen in the car or wherever you are. (This class does require that you have access to a computer.)

Class Starts on Monday January 15th.

(Since this is a pre-recorded class you can watch any time.)

There are also a Four Live Q &A calls for your questions.

Live Q&A calls will be done on the phone and will also be recorded.

The calls will be on Thursday’s January 25th – February 8th & 22nd – March 8th from 6-7pm EST.

The price of the course depends on how much support you need, there are three levels of support available.



  • Eight weekly pre-recorded video calls. Listen anytime, anywhere!
  • Audio only file of the call
  • Weekly homework to help you accomplish your goals
  • Get an accountability partner for your homework activities
  • Private Facebook group for questions
  • Homework will be posted in the Facebook group for group feedback.
  • Four LIVE Q&A calls



  • All of the above plus…
  • Add in ½ hour weekly one-on-one “laser” calls with Lisa to focus on your goals and homework.
  • Get completely individual attention and extra handholding.


Let me assist you in reviewing your business card, brochure and website for maximum impact in all of your marketing material. I can help you find a graphic designer that will work with you if you need one. We will be looking to create a brand congruency within all your collateral and marketing materials.
We can:

  • Review your branding, and brand archetype to make sure it matches you and speaks for your business.
  • Look at your marketing material including business cards, brochures and website and re-do them for maximum impact. (Graphic designer is extra!)
  • Make sure your marketing copy is irresistible to your clients!


* This will be up to 8 hours of review. If you need more, we will negotiate a price for you. I am not a graphic designer so design work is extra, but I can help you find a great one!




This package includes:

  • Level One Package
  • Level Three Package
  • A ½ hour weekly one-on-one “laser” calls with Lisa to focus on your goals and homework.
  • Get completely individual attention and extra handholding.


Because it’s a small coaching group, you will need to fill out a short application so that you and I can decide if this is the right class for you. Expect a short phone call from me after you submit your application.   Click HERE for an application.


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I can’t wait to work with you and take you from HOT MESS to BUSINESS SUCCESS!





“Just finished Lisa Campion’s Business Wizardry program. It was super! Lisa inspires you to brainstorm on branding, gives great info and guidance on how to start or move your business forward. This course is extremely helpful and I highly recommend it! – Cynthia Fontaine, Psychic Medium and Energy Healer



I just completed Lisa’s Business Wizardry- Financial success for Holistic Practitioners class. It was very interesting, informative, thought-provoking and entertaining. More importantly, it has had an impact on my business. I have had an increase in clients, which is a direct result of taking this class. I am a psychic channel and a master life coach. I’ve been working as a master coach for the past 4 years. Lisa’s biggest help for me was helping me shift my thinking and my beliefs. Before Lisa’s class I was very hesitant to admit that I was a psychic, even though I was using my skills as a psychic in my coaching practice. Lisa helped me believe in me. With her help and guidance I am fully stepping into my power and using all of my skills to create the business that I’ve always wanted.

If you’re serious about your business and/or your practice this is a class you have to take. If Lisa is able to help you half as much as she helped me the impact on who you are and your business will be forever changed for the better.”

Ed Langan The Money Matters Psychic

Master Life Coach-Law of Attraction Expert



“Lisa is a gifted teacher, who offers practical insights based on her years of experience. Her thoughtful approach and gentle, yet firm communication (read kick-in-the-butt followed by a big hug;) make the most challenging topics manageable. Lisa’s Biz Wiz class offers a ton of information, specific to healers, delivered in a very accessible manner. The combination of live calls, direct communication with Lisa and classmates, in addition to the class recordings, gave me the flexibility and accountability I needed to work on the material at my own pace. Although the live class has ended, I continue review the class material and find it invaluable as I grow in my understanding of myself, and my business. Without reservation, I highly recommend this class!. Thank you Lisa!”

- Cherie Clinton, Visual Artist and Reiki Pactitioner