Lisa’s Holiday Special VIP Access


Are you feeling stressed by the holidays? They sure can challenge us. I find that run between Thanksgiving and New Years to be totally FUN and also sometimes a seriously stressful challenge.


If your STUFF is coming up right now and you need some extra support, I have a few spots open for my VIP Access clients and I have a SPECIAL DEAL for you just for the Holidays.


I am offering a Mini VIP Access Service that would give you three months of the VIP Access Service at a special price.


My normal VIP Access clients come once a week and have full access to all my online classes, plus phone and email support as needed for $1000 a month. With this service you will come once every other week, plus all the extras for a totally doable price of $500 a month. This program is perfect for you if you need this level of support to get you through the Holidays.


Here is what you get:


    • One session with me every other week. (In person, phone or Skype)


    • Lots of email and phone support in between sessions. This is program is very supportive and full of handholding!


    • Get an appointment next week! You can get to the top of my calendar and get in right away, rather than waiting until January.


Receive all my pre-recorded online classes FREE as part of this program. That includes:


    • The Gift of Empathy ($97)


    • Psychic Development ($150)


Wow, this is such a great deal! (I wish I could sign up for it myself! ;-) )It’s really my favorite way to work with people and I can tell you that my VIP Access Clients really get better, and they do it fast. That is why I have openings right now, since a bunch of my beloved ones just graduated from the program. It’s fast and they get results.




Most of my VIP Access Clients are in the middle of a powerful transition. I think of these as initiation experiences and they completely knock us for a loop. Our souls love them, because they bring about huge transformations, but our personalities need a lot of support during these times.




This might be you if:
    • You are going through a radical spiritual or psychic opening and need guidance.


    • You are in the middle of a tough transition like a divorce or loss of a loved one.


    • You are facing a difficult health diagnosis.


    • Or you know you could rocket launch your growth forward if you had the right support.


Maybe it’s time to do this for YOU.
If you know this is right for you, contact me and we will get you set up right away! (I only have a few of these spots open so come and get ‘em.)


“I strongly recommend this service. I have been working one on one with Lisa for 3 months and it has been more effective than 20 years of therapy. Lisa is loving, strong, trusting, and wise beyond her years. She is living her Life Purpose and I am honored to experience that and know I can also live my Life purpose with her guidance….” Deb


“Lisa was my lifeline, my guide and my mentor during this hugely important opening and transition that I was going through. I seriously don’t think I would have made it through that without her support. I am in such a good place now and all that hard work was totally worth the peace that I feel right now. I recommend this service to anyone!” – Suze


“I have paid tons of money for coaches and consultants over the years and Lisa has been by far the best return on investment for my money to date. She has crucial in getting me and my team up and running effectively. She is my secret weapon!” - Casey


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