Advanced Psychic Self Defense For Practitioners

I have taught many people Reiki, Energy Medicine and psychic stuff.  Many of them are out in the world doing healing work and really killing it.  Just the other day, an old student called me to ask a question. Sheis a very talented healer with her own thriving practice now.


 Advanced Psychic

“Are curses real?” she asked me. “I was working on someone the other day and I could SWEAR that, she had one. But you never talked about it in psychic class, so I wasn’t sure it was real. Is it?”  I took a deep breath and prepared to break it to her. “Yep, It’s real. Don’t piss off witch doctors, voodoo priests or cultists, Curses are real.”


I thought she would freak out, but instead she breathed a big sigh of relief. “Thank god!  I thought I was going nuts. Can you tell me what to do about it? And don’t sugar coat it, I really need to know.”


So I did, without the sugar and she was very grateful.


“You know, you should teach a class on this stuff. I bet there is so much that you know that could help people like me. I saw an entity, a real creepy one, on my client the other day and I didn’t know what to do. I just closed my eyes and prayed.  It was still there at the end of the session so I referred the client to you!” She laughed.


Serves me right, I guess!


“How come you don’t teach us how to deal with the dark stuff? It’s out there and we need to know how to handle it. I can tell you don’t always like to talk about it, (she is a good psychic!) but so many people who are out there working, dealing with people’s trauma every day need to know what you know about how to protect themselves against the dark and shadowy stuff and how to really help their clients. It is time for a class!”

And she was right, bless her heart. On all counts.


I know A LOT about the shadow and how to stand against it.  What it looks like when it walks on in your clients or when it’s creeping around your basement and what to do about it. And I hardly ever teach it.


But there are plenty of people who really do need to know this stuff.


It’s my version of the Defense Against the Dark Arts class.


It’s called Advanced Psychic Self Defense.


This class is for people who are out there in the world working with folks. It’s good for Reiki practitioners, massage therapists, psychotherapist, psychics, nurses and anyone else who deals with other people’s problems, pain and trauma.


As healers, our job is to step into the darkness of our client’s trauma and bring our light with us.  That is what healing is all about. So as you get to the more intermediate and advanced levels of healing, you really need to know what to do when you encounter that shadow, how to protect yourself and how to handle it without fear and with a lot of compassion for everyone.


This class is not for the faint of heart!  We will be talking about some intense material.


Here are some of the topics that we will be covering:


  • Is evil real? And what is it?
  • The Inner shadow – Your psyche and subconscious
  • Bad Juju- How to identity curses, hexes and other forms of black magic
  • The truth about ghosts and haunted places
  • Entities – What they really are and how to get rid of them
  • New Age myths and mayhem
  • Creature Feature – Aliens, vampires and other monsters
  • Cults and other conspiracies
  • The spiritual causation of mental illnesses
  • Hard core psychic self-defense techniques – spiritual kung fu



This is a Six week pre-recorded video class.

A private Facebook Group.

PLUS 4 bonus audio classes with guest speakers.

*  Nick Redfern talks about mythic creatures, fact or fiction.

*  Sharon Wilsie my shaman friend and my own Reiki and Psychic teacher talks about entity removal.

*  David Franklin Farkas teaches advanced space clearing.

*  Ghost hunter and paranormal expert Tim Weisberg shares stories about being a professional ghost buster.




 Class begins on July 24th which is when you will receive the first video.  

This is a weekly class so you will receive one video per week.

 You need to be in good, stable mental health to attend this class. If you are not sure, then ask me!

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