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By Lisa Campion


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Being psychic is so weird. Most people have enough trouble staying in the here and now, but being psychic makes me even more slippery in the space/time continuum. I have to practice radical mindfulness just to stay in the present moment. I frequently can perceive all kinds of probable and possible futures (pasts and presents too) laid out before me in kaleidoscopic patterns.

It’s handy when I am reading for other people, but I really don’t want to “psychic” my own life. It sort of ruins it, like reading the last chapter of the book first. Kind of takes the fun out of things. No peaking for me, as tempting as it is.

So yes. Radical mindfulness. Living your life completely in the moment is where it is at.

It’s very hard for me to describe what my psychic experiences are like. First of all, they are so integrated into my everyday life that they are just part of me, like the air you breath or the way you see and think. It’s just my own unique operating system running in the background of my strangely wired brain. And because I have been that way since I was little, I don’t have much to compare it too, except that it is very multidimensional like being able to watch many TV channels all at once.

Most of what I could tell you about it sounds so weird it would earn me a VIP seat in the Happy House. And as I often say, there are only a few letters difference between psychic and psychotic. It is the sad fate of many of my misunderstood and untrained peers to end up in one of those places, and that is part of what compels me to do what I can to teach and train blossoming psychics.

At least I know that I am not crazy. (Ok, I’m pretty sure I am not mostly crazy…) In some ways being a psychic has put me more squarely in reality then many other people, odd as that sounds. That is the true meaning of being “clairvoyant” which means “clear seeing.” This is a gift that is a mixed blessing and is rather rare. When I meet true clairvoyants, I usually say “Oh my gosh hunny, I am so sorry…” It’s a tough thing to be able to actually SEE reality when everyone else sort of well… doesn’t.

Sadly, most people actually project stuff from their 6th chakras (the MIND) out into the world like a movie projector, and then they think they are seeing “reality.” When in fact they are seeing their personal version of reality created by all their thoughts, beliefs, ideas etc. Most of us live inside our own private Reality Distortion Fields (the MIND, again) and label it reality. Sometimes we agree on these virtual realities, and sometimes we don’t.

But the true clairvoyant actually sees what’s real without the Reality Distortion Field, the poor things. Can you image what that is like? Sort of like the Emperor’s New Clothes, I should think. They tend to be lonely and misunderstood, actually. I have a touch of that gift at times, but am just as often happily participating in LaLa Land along with everyone else.

Perhaps I can describe my own brand of psychic as living in a multilayered reality. I sometimes sense this as a little “ticker tape” running along the bottom of my mental screen that coughs up pertinent information when I need it. And sometimes when I don’t need it. And do I always pay attention? Nope.

When I read for other people, I often have what I think of as a Quantum Experience. It appears to me as all the many probable/possible/actual permutations of an event, laid out like a grid or a map. I feel things in terms of percentages or “likelihoods.” There is an 80% probability that I will light my tea kettle on fire this morning.

BINGO! Got that one right. (Don’t ask…) The really odd thing is that like the Quantum world, I often wonder if you could slide through those layers  and pick which one you really wanted at will if only you could figure out how.

I could also tell you about having many other “voices” in my head that chime in their two cents on a regular basis. THEY have been with me my whole life. THEY are somewhat bossy and mostly I just show up and do what I am told. In return, I have a very cool life and a lot of gifts and talents that I really enjoy bringing into the world. I often get asked how to the tell the difference between THEIR voices and my own inner voice. Basically mine is rather loopy and neurotic, thinking the same thoughts over and over again much like a broken record, or for you young things, a skipping CD.

THEIR voices are wise, authoritative, simple, humble, humorous and basically right all the time. It takes practice and a little knowledge to learn to tell the difference. Psychic development classes really help!

The really cool thing is that everyone has some kind of psychic/intuitive abilities, and mostly they aren’t as weird as mine, so don’t you worry. But hey, at least mine are entertaining.

Did you know that “intuition” is the wisdom we get from our own being, from inside ourselves? While “psychic” is the ability to speak to our guides and get information from outside of ourselves. Now you know!

Regardless of the finer semantic points, we all have both, it’s part of our birthrights as human beings. And it’s also totally possible to practice, develop and grow your psychic/intuitive abilities. It’s like a muscle, use it or lose it.

You need a good teacher, some information and a lot of practice. Lucky for you, that can all be had at my upcoming psychic development class series. Psychic Development 1 starts on Tuesday, October 16th, 7-9pm at Solstice and focuses on the developing the intuitive part.

You have to be grounded, in your body and your emotions and PAYING ATTENTION to pick up this stuff. We will work on all of that, and many other cool things like  clearing and protecting yourself while working and learning what the heck your energy field really is and why it’s so very important for accurate and safe psychic work.

I feel quite passionate about teaching this stuff, mostly because I hate to feel like people suffered with their psychic or had to figure it out the hard way as I did. So dust off your sixth sense and join me in class!

PS- I only teach this particular class once a year, so don’t wait!


PPS- Thanks be to Carol Kaplan for the excellent pix! 

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