Living Heart Opened In A Crazy World

Mar 13, 2017 by

It’s been a rough couple of months for us sensitives, hasn’t it? The world feels like it’s going to hell in a hand basket, as my Grandmother would have said, bless her. I have done a lot of emergency sessions in the past few months with people who feel like they just can’t adjust to our new reality.

I have a bit more of a Zen approach to change. It is what it is. As a healer and mystic, I am not called to march or protest although I deeply respect those that do. I recently made a commitment to myself to live with an open heart no matter. It’s very hard to keep your heart open to love in a rocky world, way more difficult to do it than when the world is at peace.

And yet I feel that my open heart is my contribution to the cause. Living with a heart open means I must resign myself to having my heart broken many times during the day. As I sit with my clients in my office listening to their stories, my heart breaks for them. And I know that bringing a fully present, openhearted compassion to my listening actually takes pain out of the world. So I listen with my open heart and let it break.

I pulled out my copy of Byron Katie’s “Loving What Is” and found great comfort there yet again. She teaches a magnificent strategy for doing just that, which she calls “The Work.” If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.

In the meantime, I go through my days, looking for what grace and sweetness there is. There is still plenty! I walk my dog- no matter what the weather and find peace in nature. I meditate daily at night, to clear myself and realign with spirit. And then I wake up and do it again. When I feel that my heart wants to shut down in the face of pain, fear and chaos, I make the choice again. It’s a spiritual practice for me and a very worthy one.

I know that for me, living in the duality of hatred and being against things simply doesn’t work. The only thing that works is that every day spiritual practice of heart openness.

I hope you try it!

Buda with Heart

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