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I try to live a magical life and often feel like I am in that magical flow of things. Way before Harry Potter hit the scene, I believed in magic.


And I still do.


When I was a child, I remember staring for hours at an unlit candle and trying to will it into flame. Huff and puff as I might, I never could get that candle to light. Nor could I bend the spoon, although I did try.


I also truly believed that I could fly. When I was about eight years old, I believed it so much that I jumped off the roof of my garage and probably would have broken my neck if I hadn’t landed in the compost pile.


That was a pretty magical compost pile, I think it prevented me from breaking my neck.


Although I am still not above squinting furiously at the odd candle, my definition of magic has evolved. For me magic happens when I am in the flow of my own soul’s energy. When life unfolds with effortlessness and ease. Doors fly open in front me and wondrous opportunities fall into my lap. Kismet and synchronistic abound. I am in the right place at the right time. And all sorts of other magical people show up to help me on my way.


And sometimes I am NOT in the flow of that magic. Truthfully ,I think I spend more time in Muggle world then in the magical world. Then it feels like Sisyphus pushing that huge rock up the endless hill. Calamities and chaos sideline or side track me.


Hey, what can I say? It happens – but over the years, I have learned that even the detours in the journey have their own brand of magic.   I learn a lot during those times.   I go inward, regroup, review, and learn through post game analysis.   Breakdowns frequently are my greatest teachers and some very sweet lessons are learned through making mistakes.


Magic happens in the chaos too.


I live a pretty magical life actually.   I work as a psychic, energy healer, a teacher and a writer.   When I was six years old , I wrote in my journal that I wanted to be a psychic and a writer when I grew up and I have achieved those goals.   Pretty cool.


I started working as a psychic when I was nineteen years old.   Not sure why I thought I could do that , I just did it and I have been doing it ever since then.   Since I was one of those “I see dead people” kids , I learned my chops young and School of Hard Knocks style. That was all a long time ago and since I grew up just outside of Boston in the 60’s and 70’s, there wasn’t a lot of acceptance for my strange gifts.


No New Age bookstores.


No psychics on TV.


No yoga classes in every neighborhood and certainly no getting street points for being able to see auras.


Back then it was just me and the three books on psychics in the town library.  Edgar Cayce , Jane Roberts , and Yuri Geller on spoon bending ,if you want to know.   Thus the migraines that I gave myself trying to bend the damn spoon.


Mostly I learned to hide it and keep my mouth shut.   I didn’t want to end up in the loony bin like all the other old school psychics who also saw ghosts, angels and fairies, bless their psychic little hearts.


Fortunately for me, I did have some truly magical and extraordinary help along the way, thanks to my liberal, hippy parents who didn’t squash my gifts, even if they didn’t understand them. The crazy, magical journey of my psychic training deserves it’s own blog, but suffice it to say cool stuff happened.



These days, I help other people with the same gifts find their way on their own paths. I feel passionately called to help emerging psychics, empaths, and healers discover and activate their gifts and sometimes tame their gifts and find the off switch! I had to learn that stuff mostly on my own, and so I feel totally fulfilled if I can help someone else hit the Easy Button on their journey.


I have a very steady and busy private practice doing psychic readings and energy healings.   I also teach psychic development classes and help empaths learn to master their empathy.


I have been a Reiki Master for fifteen years and teach Reiki every month. I am also the Dean of Students and a senior teacher in the Rhys Thomas Institute. Rhys (my biz partner and BFF) and I founded the school together about 10 years ago and we are proud to watch the school expand and grow each year. It’s an intense and fulfilling journey of personal growth and transformation for both us and our students. It’s magical to be a part of someone’s deep transformation and watching them step into their potentials and life purposes.


I am also a single mother of three truly wonderful teenagers and feel the magic of being a mother everyday.  That’s the wildest form of magic.  You make a baby (Totally the most MAGIC!) and then that baby is their own person, a being unto themselves.  Being a mom is a wild, roller coaster kind of magic, hands off the wheel, prayer in my mouth, surrender to God in the deepest ways magic.





Sometimes magic/bliss happens more frequently than other times. We have dry times when the magic and bliss don’t flow and those times are hard, I think. It’s a real point of curiosity to me about what gets us in the FLOW of bliss and magic.


Is it the astrology/energy of the day?


Is it the right combination of mediation, yoga, diet and willpower?


Did we happen on the correct rituals, proper sacrifices and offer up our karmic brownie points?


Is it sh** dumb luck?


Or the Hand of God?


All I know is that it is mysterious and surfing the waves when the flow is happening is a really smart thing to do.


For me the magic happens when I say YES. If the opportunity feels right then I say YES, even if it challenges me. (There is another whole magic in the art of saying NO, but today, I am writing about the yes…)


A client asked me – “Will you finally write down everything you know about training up your empathy and psychic? Even though it’s probably two books worth?”




Will you be on film, in a documentary showing people what healing really is?




Can you go away for a weekend to teach a group of executives about how to do business with more intuition?




Create a class about Bliss and living more in the flow?




Because magic and bliss are twins and I believe!




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