Managing Your Sensitivity plus “Bonus Class and Meditation”

Imagine what you could do in your life if you felt safe, grounded and connected to your life’s purpose, even in tough situations.

“I am safe and grounded in every situation, even when my kids are screaming in the car!” Learning some basic tools to manage your energy in a new way can open that door for you. I know, because I did it too.


Has anyone ever told you that you are too sensitive and you need to stop feeling so much?

Are you an empath? You might be. Here’s how you can tell:

  • Perhaps you don’t really like being around people that much, and you feel more comfortable around animals or out in nature.
  • Places like Wal-Mart might leave you feeling dragged down.
  • Events where there is lots of activity may wear you out (how about a car ride with the kids or a visit with your family?)
  • You have a lot of people in your life that “suck you dry.”


Do you lose energy and/or feel frayed in these kinds of situations?

If you so are probably an empath or a highly sensitive person.


Here is what you will learn in the class:

Class 1
  • An introduction to empathy so you can understand your own nature.
  • The basics of Grounding, Clearing, and Protecting yourself
  • We will do a guided meditation to give you immediate help
  • A download of the meditation for you use everyday
Class 2
  • What is your energy field? Understand this as your first line of defense
  • Working with guided meditations and other techniques
  • Some very practical techniques that you can use everyday to help keep yourself grounded and clear.
  • Receive another grounding meditation and an PDF file of the techniques.
Class 3
  • Learning to manage your relationships
  • Looking at the energy balance in your relationships
  • Learning to say no and set boundaries
  • Caretaking others without losing YOU
  • A guided meditation and activities to help you create a firm boundary
Class 4
  • The incredible importance of taking care of you FIRST!
  • Looking at your life purpose
  • How does your empathy create the backbone of you life’s purpose?
  • What YOUR unique gift to the world
  • A guided mediation to help you find your life’s purpose as an empath.

In addition to you receiving the Managing Your Sensitivity class you will also receive my “Very Groovey Chakra class.”

In this seven chakra video class we will take you through a journey of your chakras. Everyone talks about chakras these days, but they are more then just “energy centers.” They represent aspects of your actual life and that is where it gets groovy!

Learning about your chakras and clearing them will improve every aspect of your life and give you a great understanding of not only your energy system, but also your whole life.

People who take this class report big changes and transformation on every level of their lives. Here is what you will get-

  • 1st Chakra- Your body. Improve your health and love for your body.
  • 2nd Chakra- Your emotions. Connect with your passion.
  • 3rd Chakra- Your self esteem. Gain more self esteem and self respect.
  • 4th Chakra- Your relationships. Get more relationship satisfaction
  • 5th Chakra- Self expression. Learn to really speak your truth.
  • 6th Chakra- Your mind and intuition. Clear negative beliefs and increase intuition.
  • 7th Chakra- Your connection to Source and your guidance. Connect more fully with your life purpose and your inner guidance.

It’s powerful stuff, but it’s also fun and that is what is groovy.

Buy Now   It costs just $147 total for both classes a $350 value! Plus, you’ll get the following bonus material:

  • Basic Grounding Meditation
  • Ground Clear and Protect Meditation
  • Up And Down Breathing Technique
  • Inner Sanctuary Protection Meditation

I look forward to helping you in this journey!  PS: please drop me a line if you want to know more about the classes! Just send an email to: lisa [at] or call me at 508-533-0669.