Advanced Master Class Intensive for Healers

You are a healer that has learned your modality yet you know there is still more to learn.


You love your clients and you want to continue to bring them deeper into their healing.


You know that there is more to learn, and maybe there are still a few missing pieces in your knowledge set. And you have figured out that learning yet one more healing modality may not be the way to do it.


You deeply desire to both serve your clients and also continue your own personal and spiritual growth work, since you know that as soon as you stop growing inside, your healing business will dry up.


You are looking for a network of other like-minded and hearted healers from all different kinds of modalities to hang out with and also to grow together.

If this is YOU then welcome to The Advanced Master Class Intensive for Healers.




This is a deep dive, master class that will help you continue to grow and develop your healer ship and expand your skills so that you can bring more to your clients, no matter what your modality is.


The Advanced Master Class Intensive for Healers workshops happen once a month for four hours on a Friday afternoon. We will be covering topics such as:


  • Increasing your intuition and psychic skills both in your sessions and in your life.
  • Advanced energy management so you can work without burning out and over giving.
  • Cutting edge chakra work specifically for healers so you can experience and understand what’s happening in your client’s energy field.
  • Working with the Rhys Thomas Profiles System for better understand of yourself and your clients.
  • Confidently handling difficult client situations such as transference and countertransference and continued learning about ethics and boundary setting.
  • Working comfortably with diversity issues and clients under extreme or special circumstances, such has serious mental and physical health issues and clients at the end of life.


We all have big hearts and want to help so much!


How many times have you had something deep open up in a session and you get that sinking feeling in your stomach, like “OMG, what do I do now?? I don’t know how to handle this!”


We have all been there!  This The Advanced Master Class Intensive for Healers is designed to add to the knowledge and skill that you already have so that you know what to do in tricky client situations.


As a Master Healer Teacher, I have been training healers for over 20 years now.  I also have 20 years of experience teaching Reiki and have trained hundreds of Reiki Practitioners.  For the past 12 years I have been the Dean of Students and a lead teacher in the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine.  I also enjoy teaching psychic development classes. Truly my specialty and my passion comes from training healers, psychics and empaths to fully step into their gifts as healers.


Because I believe more than anything that the world needs all the healers it can get!

It breaks my heart to hear about healers who feel undersupported and who are not out there working and living their passion. The world needs each and every one of YOU to be at the height and fullness of your power as a healer, and for that we need support and continuing education.


I have seen a lot of healers in this position bounce from one modality to another, looking for that deeper level of information.  I know because I did that too. Truthfully, your modality is already great and learning another one may not give you what you are looking for.  Chances are good that you want to DEEPEN your knowledge in the modality that you already know.


The good news is the Advanced Master Class Intensive for Healers is open to healers of all modalities and the content will be applicable no matter what your modality is.

  • Reiki Masters
  • Shamanic Healers
  • Energy Medicine Practitioners
  • Bodyworkers and massage therapists
  • Coaches
  • Mixed Modality practitioners
  • Psychics and intuitives


If you are working with clients we are looking for you!  This is NOT a beginner’s level training; we are looking for practitioners who are seeing clients on a regular basis. (5- 10 clients a month or more)


Because of the advanced nature of this course, you need to fill out a brief application and have a quick phone consultation with the instructor before you can register.


The workshops will be held at a private residence in Sherborn, MA. The address will be given upon registration.




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Intensive Five -  The Rhys Thomas Profile System

February 16th



My friend and business partner Rhys Thomas have developed a powerful personality profile system comparable to the Meyers-Briggs and Enneagram, but so much easier to use! I find this incredibly useful in all areas of my life but especially in my practice. Once you understand how to spot someone’s profile (I can do it in a few minutes…) you have a whole range of tools available for you to help you communicate with them in a way that they can take in.


We will:

  • Learn the five profiles and get a profile assessment of yourself.
  • Assess your friends and family too for breakthrough changes in your relationships.
  • Learn to tailor make your healings and treatment for each profile- one size does not fit all!
  • Chose strategies for helping each profile when they are stuck and resistant.





Intensive Six -  Advanced Client Management  (How to deal with tricky clients and situations)

March 16th



What is a tricky client?  In my experience, it’s someone who has a situation that is well outside your personal experience or your comfort zone.  It’s on us to catch up and meet them where they are. We never know who is going to walk into our office and we must be prepared to respond with loving compassion and grounded presence no matter who we are dealing with and what they are bringing in with them.


We will also talk about treating clients with extreme trauma and the secondary trauma that can arise in us. (That is when your client’s trauma creates trauma in you!) We will also cover difficulties like client projection, transference and countertransference, which is something that all therapists are trained to handle but most healers are not. (You will still encounter it though!)


We will strategize on how best to serve clients of diversity and also diverse life situations and handle this with grace, compassion and presence.


  • Working with clients with serious mental health issues- looking at the spiritual causation of mental health issues.
  • Clients with serious and terminal health issues as well as end of life clients.
  • How to handle extreme trauma and secondary trauma.
  • Working your way through projection, transference and countertransference
  • Discuss Ethics, boundary setting, and knowing when to refer out clients to others.
  • Working with clients of diverse backgrounds in a welcoming way.





Intensive Seven - Cultivating Presence

DATE to be determined



Presence is the ultimate healing technique.  You have it when you are grounded, in your body, with your heart open in compassion and when you are listening and witnessing what is unfolding for your clients.   It’s the essential ingredient of healing, and yet many modalities do not teach presence at all.


A good modality is important, but it is only the framework and the delivery system for your presence. We will discuss and practice how to be truly present with our clients. It is different from caretaking, fixing and rescuing- these actions will ultimately create more harm than good for both client and practitioner.


We will study and practice:


  • How to go deeper into your own process, since you can only go as deep with your clients as you have been in yourself.
  • How to stay present when things get hairy in a session.
  • The importance of a juicy self care routine.
  • The absolute necessity of a continual spiritual practice.




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Because of the advanced nature of this course, you need to fill out a brief application and have a quick phone consultation with the instructor before you can register.

All the classes will be held at a private location in Sherborn, MA. The address to the class location will be provided once you have signed up.



About Lisa Campion:

Lisa Headshot10

Lisa Campion is a psychic and energy healer with 30 years experience. Lisa incorporates body centered counseling into her psychic readings and is also adept in many kinds of healing techniques, including Reiki and Full Spectrum Healing.


Lisa’s specialty is working with emerging psychic, empaths and healers so that they can fully step into their life’s purpose since she passionately believes that the world needs all the healers that it can get.


 Lisa has been certified as Profile Specialist, as Energy Medicine Practitioner and also holds a certification in Psychosynthesis. She has also been trained in Systems Centered Therapy.  She has been a Reiki Master Teacher for the past 20 years. As a healer she has done over 15,000 sessions and has tremendous clinical experience.


Lisa has been teaching Reiki for 18 years and has trained hundreds of Reiki students.  She also teaches psychic development classes of all levels. For the past 12 years, Lisa has been the Dean of Students and a lead teacher at the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine, which is a world famous energy medicine school and a powerful personal transformation program.


She is also the author of the upcoming book, “Psychic Reiki.”(New Harbinger Press 2018)  And she is the host of a radio show “The Miracle of Healing” on Empower Radio.