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Did you know that being empathic is the greatest and most precious gift of a healer? And sadly many people HATE this part of them and would give this gift back if they could!


I find that very tragic and heartbreaking, since the world needs as many healers as we can possibly get. If you are still suffering from your oversensitivity then it’s time to not only MANAGE your empathy but actually MASTER it.


It is in MASTERING YOUR EMPATHY that you will bring your precious gifts into the world and make an impact- to fulfill your life’s purpose.


It’s time for you to get up off the couch, stop HIDING from the world and go do your life’s work! Because the world needs all the healers that it can get.


It’s such a painful catch 22 that empaths are meant to literally save the world by being helpers, healers and caretakers and yet that puts us right in the line of fire, into positions that are very difficult for us SUPER-SENSITIVES.

Open Heart

For example, let’s say that  you have a great gift for healing and feel CALLED to go do hospice work and yet working in a hospital or nursing home kicks your booty because you can’t managethe psychic and empathic overload of actually being in a hospital for all that time! (And no untrained empath could!)


This kind of conundrum puts empaths into a deep spiritual depression, the angst of not being able to fulfill your life’s purpose. This leads to anxiety, depression and health problems for empaths.


But the GOOD NEWS is that you can change this! Learning how to MASTER YOUR EMPATHY is relatively easy and will make a HUGE impact in your life.



This class is for you if:

  • If you are ready to truly master your empathy so that you can live your true purpose.
  • You want to finally figure out how to have better boundaries and manage difficult relationships.
  • Find out the truth about “energy vampires” and how to deal with them.
  • Learn which of the three types of empath you are and how that impacts you.
  • Practice absolutely foolproof techniques that will decrease your “over-sensitivity” and increase your psychic nature.
  • You are willing to roll up your sleeves and get busy!


Have you read enough??  Are you interested in learning more??  

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The benefits to this work will he HUGE.


Imagine what it will be like to really live in the world and not have to hide out or miss things because you have hit EMPATHIC OVERLOAD and just can’t take it anymore.


One of my students said to me the other day-


“I have been called over-sensitive my whole life. I just felt like it was a terrible CURSE until I did your training and then everything made sense. I could finally do what I had to do without being bowled over. This training was life changing for me. I go to the mall. I deal with my clients and love it. I even have learned to set healthy boundaries in some really difficult relationships that I had. What a miracle!”


That is what we are going for.


Imagine if you could:


  • Stay grounded in your body and in the present moment no matter what.
  • Be able to tell the difference between your “stuff” and other’s people’s stuff.
  • Set a strong and sure boundary between you, other people and the world.
  • Fully read signs and omens in the world.
  • Get a map so you can navigate around “over there.”


Heart Eye



It’s all about giving you practical tools that you can use every day in your life, to help you navigate through your life in the best way possible. So not only with you get a good map, and a guide, but also a lot of practical application.





In all my classes, I focus on the practical application of the material since my goal is to help you have a better life:

  • Embodied and empowered
  • Awake and aware
  • Confident and tuned in


Like all things in life, it takes work and discipline to accomplish this this, but the RESULTS that you will feel are worth it. Just like if you want to get in shape you have to go to the gym or play your sport, this class is like weight lifting for your psychic development.

I am so excited to take you on this journey! And I have done this all myself with remarkable results, so I assure you that you are in safe hands with me. I have been there, done that and gotten the tee shirt.


Here are the details:


This is an pre-recorded Internet video class -available for your to watch anytime, from the comfort of you own home.  This class will begin in January.


It’s a self-study class, so you can take it anytime, but it does require an application due to the advanced nature of the material. So please fill out the application and we can chat on the phone a bit to see if the class is right for you.


Here is what you get:


  • 11 regular classes that begin in January
  • Q&A Calls
  • A Half hour laser call with Lisa
  • A Qlink EMF shield
  • Five Guided Meditation MP3’s
  • Join Lisa’s Facebook Empaths FB group to hang with other empaths and have your questions answered.


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Class 1 -The Gift Of Empathy

We will introduce you to your empathy as the greatest gift that you have to the world and fill you in on all the details of physical and emotional empathy.

Practical work- Learn the foundational practices that will strengthen your energy field and give you a strong but flexible barrier between you and the world.


Class 2 – The Three Kinds Of Empath

Learn which if of the three empaths you are, a caretaker, a super sensitive or a warrior empath and how this totally impacts how you relate to people and what you are meant to do in the world.

We will be adding a stronger grounding mediation to your daily aura building ritual.


Class 3- Caring For Your Body

All empaths have unique physical problems and challenges, like fatigue, auto-immune issues, Lymes, chemical and environmental sensitivities, migraines and fibromyalgia.  We will cover some very practical tools to help you clear up any health problems and keep you in the pink of health!


Class 4- Caring For Your Emotions

Empaths can suffer from a range of emotional difficulties like addictions, depression and anxiety. In this class we will learn how to care for the very specific emotional and mental health issues that empaths can suffer from and give you very powerful, practical and specific ways to help heal your emotional issues.


Class 5 – The Psychic World Of Empaths

All empaths are psychic! Understanding how your psychic ability works for you is key in helping you develop your psychic nature to it’s best advantage. There is a lot of power to be gained in owning your psychic abilities- you can stop thinking that you are crazy!  And you will learn to see that your psychic gifts, whatever they are, are a perfect part of your healers toolkit.

The practical application will be a “meet your guides” meditation.


Class 6 – Managing Your Relationships

This might be one of the most important lessons of the whole class! We will focus on how to have healthy, strong boundaries with other people and give you very practical tools for learning how to deal with “energy vampires.”  We will also learn the truth about who the energy vampires are- this might shock you! We will also break down typical relationships issues based on which of the three types of empaths you are.


Class 7 – Managing Your Relationships (Part 2)

We will be going deeper into the keys to boundary setting, learning many ways to gracefully say “NO” when you need to. We will focus on empaths vs narcissists and help you understand why empaths are often drawn into relationships with narcissists and why this can be very strengthening and healing for your IF you learn to manage these relationships properly. We will consider how to manage burn out if you are in a caretaker role, how to manage co-dependency in relationships and how to get a handle on the inner child and the inner critic.

All of this work will bring you huge inner peace!


Class 8 – Empathic Men, Children And Teens

Each of these types of empaths have their own unique challenges. Empathic men have it much tougher than women do and need extra care and consideration. And there are very specific challenges to parenting empathic children and teens. This class will give you a host of options and ideas for helping empathic kids grow to their full potential instead of getting squished like we did!


Class 9 – Empaths and Animals

Empaths often have a very special relationship with animals, which we will explore in depth in this class. Animals such as dogs, cat and horses are natural empaths too and develop very special relationships with their empathic people. In this class we will learn how to use your natural empathy to begin to communicate with your animals!


Class 10 – Advanced Protection Skills

We will go deeply into some more advanced psychic protection skills, such as advanced grounding and clearing, the use of vibrational medicine techniques, salt and holy water, advanced space clearing techniques and how to get rid of unwanted spirits around you.


Class 11 – Your Gift To The World

In this class we will take a detailed look into your life’s purpose and examine how exactly you are meant to take your unique gifts into the world. Looking at the three types of empaths and what kind you are, will give you definite sign posts about how your gift is meant to be used. Embrace your calling!


Class 12 – BONUS CLASS :-)


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