Lisa’s Summer Sex Class

When was the last time you had amazing, mind blowing, toe curling sex?

Remember when sex was fun, fulfilling and exciting?

Are you wondering if its even possible for you to still “get there?”


I am Lisa Campion and I can absolutely promise you it is possible to feel more alive, more powerful, and just more awesome about EVERYTHING in your life.

All by getting your groove on. Read on, and I’ll explain.

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In this intense training where you can listen in the comfort of your own home anytime I will show you how you can feel:


More alive, sexy and juicy
Rekindle love and passion in your relationship
Use your sexual mojo to create anything you want in your life

Here is a secret – I believe that EVERYONE deserves an amazing sex life. Sex is everywhere…on TV, movies, advertising yet there are generations of people who are not getting any and worse yet feel they don’t even want any. You can LOVE sex again… Because I believe that it is every person’s birthright to feel the PLEASURE, JOY and LOVE that a satisfying sex life can bring you.


You DESERVE this and if you are not feeling it, then clearing out some blocks will help you. Here is my 2 cents: Sex not only feels fantastic, but it impacts your money, passion, goals, and relationships… If you are wondering where your sex life went, it is time to do some of the inner work to start your engine again.


  • Maybe you are not having any sex at all.
  • Maybe you have been married a long time and good sex was over a long, long time ago.
  • Or heaven help you, maybe you are having BAD or BORING sex. (shudder…)
  • Or perhaps you are wondering if there is RED HOT sex to be had after 40 years old.


Well if you are feeling that way, you are in the right place! I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s totally possible for you to have an amazing, fulfilling sex life. Even if you don’t have a partner right now, even if you have kids, a job, a demanding life, and a partner that you have had for years.


And not only is it possible, but you really NEED to have a healthy, vibrant, fulfilling sex life. It’s part of what makes being a human being worthwhile and the benefits to this will spill out into your money, relationships, happiness, excitement, career and passion. Really?!


Is this you? Are you one of them?


Have you ever had one of these conversations with yourself?


  •  I am tired of the same, old boring sex routine.
  •  I LOVE my partner, but I am not really ATTRACTED to them so much anymore.
  • IS there good sex after 40? Or after menopause?
  • I don’t really feel that great about my body anymore.
  • Never mind my partner, I don’t feel very sexy.
  • Somewhere along the line, I LOST my mojo!
  • I wish I had more ROMANCE, LOVE and SEX in my life. Maybe that is why I read some many romance novels and “mommy porn.”
  • Honestly, I just feel tired, numb and bored with my sex life, my partner and MYSELF!


What if you could take all those statements and replace them with a new way of being?


What if you felt like THIS instead?


  • I feel totally alive, passionate and in love with myself and my life
  • My body hums with energy and passion
  • I am having the BEST sex that I have ever had in my life!
  • I never knew it could be this incredible with my partner!
  • Wow, I thought this feeling only happened in movies or books.


A bit different, huh?


What I’m referring to isn’t some abstract feeling, meant for other women. What I’m talking about is the raw, passionate, sexy, and powerful energy that is locked away inside of you. Locked away in your lower chakras, just waiting to be released.


But first, it’s important to understand that you’re not alone. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. There’s nothing abnormal about feeling as though your sex life is not all it can be.




Sex has always been important to me. My normal state is to have a high sex drive and active sex life. I have seen the impact of no sex or not great sex on my clients for the past 20 years…I know about this stuff. And yet, somehow life got in the way even for me.


After the honeymoon stage of my first marriage was over, we slipped into the typical married couple life: we focused on our careers. And then there we had 3 kids! That’s seven years of being pregnant, nursing, having a new baby and caring for toddlers. Connecting with each other took a backseat.


I don’t know about you but that was hell on my sex life! My husband and I drifted and eventually grew apart. We were so focused on dealing with LIFE on all those levels, that there was no time for LOVE, INTIMACY and SEX. We decided to get divorced.


In my next relationship I recommitted to yummy sex. But I was dealing with things like ageing, peri-menopause and TEENAGERS! Again, my new, juicy, hot relationship felt a lot like my old relationship and sex had dried up to nothing yet again.


Does this sound familiar?


Now I was alone and I wondered where was the disconnect? Why didn’t I learn about this in health class?? What was I missing? It all changed for me when I began working through my own blocks to sex. As I studied Tantra or Spiritual sexuality I began to feel a vibrancy, passion and sensuality flow through me even without a partner!


My breakthrough came when I discovered that my sexuality belongs to me. Duh! I can choose to share it with someone else, but ultimately it is mine to cultivate, nurture and prioritize. I began to see that sexuality is similar to an energy practice like yoga, martial arts and meditation. With a little dedication and practice, I learned how to tap into the Pleasure Current and I feel alive, vibrant, energized and juicy…yup I even feel juicy.


I feel pleasure in just being alive. In just breathing and having a body.


And once this happened, my life changed forever.


Not only did I have incredible energy, I smiled more often and had a lot more fun, I reconnected to the passion in my business and the money followed. As I plugged into this powerhouse of energy, even my relationship with my friends and family became more fun and engaging.


And this is what I want for you. I created this program (with all my new found mojo) to help you get there too. And you totally can! If I did it, you can do it.


I have always been committed to creating a dynamic, enjoyable and energy giving?) giving sexual life for myself. No matter what is happening in the outside world, or what my relationship status is.


I discovered that my sexuality is mine and it belongs to me. I might choose to share it with someone else, but ultimately, it is mine to be responsible for. And for me, there are no excuses about why it can’t be vibrant and fulfilling, not even that I don’t have a partner.


I have studied Tantra for many years now and love the concept of spiritual sexuality. Now I see that sexuality is much like an energy practice. Like yoga, like martial arts, like mediation. There are so many benefits to letting your sexual energy flow freely through you. I have learned that the hard way, by dealing with my own sexual trauma, repression, and relationship breakdowns.


I had to work through all my own blocks over the years too. I have had the same repression, guilt and shame as everyone else. Working it through though, has left me feeling this free flowing energy current that runs through me all the time. That energy is available for me to use for doing things like running this class! I learned how to tap into the Pleasure Current and feel vibrant, alive, energized and juicy.


  • I feel pleasure in just being alive. In just breathing and having a body.
  • And once that happened, my life changed forever.
  • And this is what I want for you. I created this program (with all my new found mojo) to help you get there to. And you totally can! If I did it, you can do it.


So what is Reclaiming Your Sex Magic and Mojo?


It’s a six-week teleclass Pre-Recorded given by me. Along with some of my amazing specialists and guest hosts. Plus some awesome bonuses!

You can listen anywhere, from the privacy of your own home. There available to you anytime!!


Here is what you get:

  • 6 live teleclasses to help you reconnect with your juicy, sexual self.
  • A Bonus call on You and Your G-Spot! (It’s your new BFF!)


This is a Pre-Recorded class that will be sent to you by email.  

The class will begin on August 4th and will be sent out weekly every Tuesday with the last class being on September 8th.   There are 6 classes in total. 

PAYMENT PLANS are available. You can pay a one time payment of $325, Two payments of $162.50, or Three payments of $109.00


Here is a breakdown of what you will learn in each class:


Class 1- Sex! Good girls (and boys) DO like sex!

You need your sexuality, it’s your powerhouse and the key to unleashing real PASSION in your life. We will look at why you need a healthy sex life and what the cost are to repressing this part of you. Plus we will examine your sexual blocks like repression, shame, guilt and sexual trauma. And we will take a good look at what your “tribe” taught you about sex examining your underlying beliefs.

Transformational benefits

  • As you begin to unblock your sexual energy and let it flow, you will feel a surge of energy. It’s good stuff!
  • Clearing trauma and old belief clears out the crap that has been in your way!
  • Access your passion at the ground level and liberate yourself!
  • You will free more freedom, more fun and more juice.


Class 2- What You Didn’t Learn in Health Class, But Should Have! – With Michelle Thibault

Michelle is a physical therapist and a sex therapist. She is going to school us on the some of the basics of anatomy and physiology. (You might be surprised at what you learn that you didn’t know!) We will talk about the arousal cycle and help you let go of some myths about sexuality that are standing in your way. Let us demystify some basics like

  • Anatomy and physiology. Male and female
  • Arousal response
  • You and your PC muscle
  • Masturbation- why you need to do it.
  • Common sexual problems and solutions
  • Lack of orgasm, premature ejaculation and ED.

Transformational benefits:

Knowledge is power baby! Looking squarely at the facts is so empowering.


Class 3- Orgasms! Three kinds of Bliss! And Multiple Orgasms. (You CAN do it!)

EVERY WOMAN is multi-orgasmic! You just have to know a few little things to help you get there! Learn all about the three different kinds of orgasms and how to achieve them. Let’s chase the mythical multi-orgasmic experience and get you there. It’s easier then you think!

  • Clitoral Orgasms (The first course)
  • G-spot Orgasms (The Main course)
  • Cervical Orgasms (Wow! Dessert!)

We’ll talk about tips, tools and techniques. And some other hot topics like

  • Oral, anal and vaginal sex
  • Sex toys and aids
  • Working with your fantasies
  • What is taboo and getting out of your comfort zone
  • Porn, erotica and other stimulants


Class 4- Sex and relationships. Cuz at some point you might want to bring someone else on board!

We will examine how your sexual relationship is a potent crucible for your personal growth. It’s actually a really beautiful personal growth machine. As you know, whatever emotional stuff you have in your relationship ends up right in bed with you! Learning the basics of intimacy, communication, asking your needs and dealing with conflict is all the key to a juicy sex life with your partner.

In this class will cover

  • Polarity and chemistry- the origin of law of attraction
  • Communication, honesty- relationship problems always end up in bed with you!
  • Opening your heart, and your mouth- communication is sexy
  • Men, women and intimacy.
  • How to get out of a rut
  • Sex dates
  • Couples and sex therapy


Class 5- Sexuality and Spirituality- Guest Robyn Vogel

Robyn is an old friend of mine and she is wonderful! She is a Tantra teacher and a sex and couple’s therapist and coach.

Sometimes it’s hard to even imagine sexuality and spirituality in the same sentence right? Often we are taught and even experience sexuality as profane. And in it’s shadow, it can be. The highest expression of sexuality is totally SACRED. We have all experienced those moments when really hot, loving and connected sex opens us to something bigger then us.

This can be enhanced by the practice of Tantra. It’s a fascinating topic!

  • What is Tantra?
  • Breathe and mediation practice
  • Solo and partner practices
  • Some Tantric practices anyone can do!


CLASS 6- Sexuality and Money. Why hot sex is the key to unlocking wealth.

It sounds like an odd combination, but it’s so true! There is a huge connection between your sex drive and your financial success. This is all about how your second chakra is wired and it’s also all about the Law of Attraction.

  • Sex drive and success
  • Changing your sex life is good for your biz
  • Sex as creative energy
  • The 2nd chakra split- more on how your 2nd chakra flows energy
  • Vectoring sexual energy towards creative energy
  • Self pleasuring and the creative process
  • Breathing right through sex to increase energy flow



This is a Pre-Recorded class that will be sent to you by email.  

The class will begin on August 4th and will be sent out weekly every Tuesday with the last class being on September 8th.   There are 6 classes in total. 

PAYMENT PLANS are available. You can pay a one time payment of $325, Two payments of $162.50, or Three payments of $109.00