Mother’s Day Family Reiki



I am excited to announce that this year I am going to he holding a Mother-Daughter/Son Reiki I Class.


(You know, they really should have a specific word for Adult Children that doesn’t sound like a Step Program.  What do we call our kids when they grow up? ;-) This class is for mothers and their off spring of all varieties, ages 13 years and up.)


This is something that I have always wanted to do and it’s a great way to share the love for Mother’s day. It is also special for me, since I will be bringing my own daughter Genevieve with me to share in the fun.


Reiki is a simple but powerful hands-on energy healing technique that anyone can learn. What’s so magical about Reiki Level I is that you will learn wonderful SELF HEALING techniques.  So you can do some healing on yourself and your beloveds.


With Reiki Level I we will:


  • Get an introduction to Reiki and learn what its all about
  • Receive the Level 1 Attunement
  • Learn self healing techniques
  • Practice Reiki on a partner in class
  • Learn the hand positions for someone sitting in a chair


You will walk away from the class with your Reiki Level I certificate and the ability to do Reiki on yourself, your friends, family, your pets and even your food! (My garden loves Reiki!)


To sweeten the deal we as mothers get to share this experience with our progeny!


The class meets Saturday May 13th  


Class will be held at Soul Spirit Studio

76 Railroad St. Hollistion MA

For directions click here 

Class is $230 a pair

(which is a 70$ savings!)

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Mothers of all ages and “children”  from 13 years old to adults are welcome.