Nexus Reiki I

Introducing NEXUS REIKI I

A Complete Guide To Reiki Training and Psychic Development


Nexus Reiki is my own unique blend of Reiki and psychic development.  

(Reiki + Psychic Development = Nexus Reiki)


I have been teaching Reiki for 15 years now and I hate to say this, but I was getting a little BORED with teaching Reiki the same way. So I developed a mash up of my Reiki and Psychic Development classes.  It’s amazing, it’s fun…. It’s NEXUS REIKI.


I consider myself an expert teacher and I wanted to bring you the 15 years of teaching and clinical experience that I have and offer it to people that want more training then the quickie Reiki.  This is LONG and SLOW Reiki, taught at a very advanced level by combining many levels of my expertise into the class.   NEXUS REIKI I is a great start to a very thorough exploration of Reiki. In this level you will learn Reiki I, plus advanced energy anatomy and energy management basics.


What does that mean?  It means that you will get very advanced instruction on:

  • Reiki I basic information
  • The Reiki I attunement four times!
  • Grounding, clearing and protecting techniques for your own energy management
  • Advanced chakra and aura instruction
  • Powerful self healing techniques and practice
  • Learn to work on others from chair and table positions
  • AND a special BONUS of my Empathy 101 video class to really help you fully manage your own energy


It’s very important to learn to manage your own energy when you are doing energy work on other people.  Fact has it that most Reiki teachers NEVER teach this essential information.  You see, the more sensitive and empathic you are, the more vital it is to learn this. Especially since learning Reiki will absolutely make you more psychic and sensitive then you already are! It’s a kind of a crazy catch 22.  That is why you need this…  



Energy Management Training

I see this all the time. Empathic, sensitive and psychic people want Reiki training too!  But moving all that energy opens up your sensitivities even more. What a dilemma!   This class is perfect for you if-

  • You are already sensitive and you want to learn to open even more safely.
  • You are serious about learning Reiki and want to learn at a very advanced level with a ton of hands on practice.
  • You think you might want to be a practitioner or teacher.
  • You are already pretty psychic and want to develop that.
  • You are interested in learning advanced information about the chakras and aura.


My goal with this class is to give you PLENTY of practical hands on experience and to teach basic skills in how to read other people’s energy. Hands on practice is what really gives you the confidence that you need to work with other people and feel good about it.  I have soooo much practical experience!  I have been seeing 20 clients a week for the past 15 years!  (If you do the math, that is about 15,000 client sessions just in the past 15 years! I know, right?) And I want to give you the benefit of all my hours of clinical experience.   I have been teaching Reiki for 15 years now. I have never really counted how many people I have taught Reiki I to but I estimate it’s somewhere around 700 people. That is a LOT of Reiki classes….And NEXUS REIKI is the distillation of all my knowledge and experience directly to you.

This class size is limited so sign up quick!



NEXUS REIKI I is four two-hour classes that really emphasizes hands on practice and practical application. And it includes a BONUS of my 4 hour Empathy 101 class that you will be doing as a home study in conjunction with the hands on class.   Here is what to expect with this class….



Class 1 -  Intro to Reiki I

  • Get a complete introduction to Reiki I
  • Receive the Reiki I attunement
  • Learn powerful self healing techniques


Class 2 -  Chair healings for yourself and others

  • Receive the Reiki I attunement – again!
  • Basic grounding and energy management
  • Healing practice from a chair on yourself and others
  • Lots of hands on practice!


Class 3 – Energy Management Basics and the Chakras

  • Grounding meditations and practices
  • Understanding the Chakras
  • Learning to read the Chakras(how to feel them on another person)
  • Another attunement!
  • Intro to table healing


Class 4 – Working with the aura

  • Understanding the aura
  • Learning to see, feel and sense the aura (this is soooo fun!)
  • Another attunement!
  • Table healing practice- learning to do a diagnostic chakra and aura reading and then a healing on someone else


Bonus – Empathy 101 video class for your home study. You will get this four hour class to watch at home in your own time. Bring your questions to class!  You will get a complete understanding of what empathy really is and how to manage your own empathic nature as a person in your life and as a healer.


The Nexus Reiki I class consists of four live classes,  Plus four video Empathy 101 classes all for the cost of  $350. To break down the special I am offering all in this one class.  I sell the Empathy 101 class for about $300, Reiki I alone would be $150 and the Managing Your Energy/Advanced Energy Anatomy class is $200.


So you are getting a $650 class for $397. Wow!!!


Class meets on

Tuesdays October 25th and November 1st, 8th and 15th

7 – 9 pm

PAYMENT PLANS are available. You can pay a one time payment of $397 or 4 payments of $100.

REIKI REVIEW SPECIAL… If you have already taken Reiki I with me and want to take this class as a “review” you can get a special price of $250.  (2 payments of $125 are also available)


The class will be held at The Medway Mill 163 Main St Suite 3 Medway MA.

 When entering address into your GPS please use 165 Main St.  Our mailing address is 163 Main St Suite 3 and the actual location of the building is 165 Main St.  The building is a brown stucco building in the back parking lot and is not in the main mill building.  Park in the back parking lot and enter thru the main doors. The building is horseshoe shaped and the main entrance in the middle of the “U.”  You can then proceed to Suite 3.