Nexus Reiki II

Introducing NEXUS REIKI II


In NEXUS REIKI II, we will be combining Reiki II training with some pretty intense psychic development.  This is AWESOME since Reiki II will open your psychic abilities all by itself, what better time to really pop open your psychic abilities. If you want a very in depth Reiki training with tons of practical hands on experience, AND head on psychic development training then this is the class for you.


Reiki + Psychic Development = NEXUS REIKI


This class includes four live Reiki II classes and a six class study-at-home video class (HOT off the press, I just finished teaching it!) called Psychic 101. You will get the Psychic 101 video class right away and you can work through that at home. It tells you everything you need to know to work with your spirit guides, angels and Reiki guides.





This is what to expect in Nexus Reiki II


The Reiki Symbols- Physical, Emotional and Mental Healing

With Reiki II , we learn the three Reiki Symbols which help “vector” the energy towards physical, emotional and mental healing. The symbols are cool!  Each one has a different vibe and feeling about it.  As you practice with them, you will learn to really feel how they work and when to use them.  They do make your Reiki both stronger and more accurate.  The symbols are so useful, that once you know them you will wonder how you ever lived without them!


Long Distance Healing

This is such a gift!  Imagine how very cool it is to send Reiki to someone who is far away from you. I use long distance healing almost every day. I send it to my son who is in college and my dad who lives in another state. I also use it for the crazy things that happen in the world that I want to do something about. With long distance Reiki, I CAN do something about it.

It’s easier than you think too. You will be so glad when you have this in your healing tool kit.


The Practitioner Level

Reiki II is also called the “Practitioner Level” and anyone who works “hands on” with people should absolutely get to this level. A person such as Hairdressers, nail techs, nurses, and physical therapists this level of Reiki is key for you.


Hands on Work- The Practical Application

In Nexus Reiki II, we will be doing LOTS of hands on practice. Each class will have about an hour of hands on experience. We will continue with table work and learn many different variations of how to work with someone on a table.

We will also learn some very handy assessment skills. I will teach you how to assess someone’s chakras and aura and how to work with them in a healing session.


Psychic Development

With Nexus Reiki II, we will be working in class with your Reiki Guides. Even if you have never worked consciously with your guides before, you will have lots of opportunities to meet with your guides.  In a series of guided meditations you will become clear on who they are, and how they have been working with you all along!

I have been working as a psychic since I was 19 years old and have been teaching Psychic Development for the past 15 years, so you are in good hands with me!

In addition to the in class work we will do with this, I will also give you my Psychic 101 video class for you to study at home and come into the live class with your questions.

Here is what the Psychic 101 class will teach you.

  • Understanding and increasing your intuition
  • The psychic senses and your open psychic channel
  • Working with your spirit guides – discovering your team
  • Power animals, angels, ancestor guides and the masters, prophets and saints.
  • Ghosts, spirits and basic mediumship
  • Practices to increase your psychic and intuitive senses

This class size is limited so sign up quick!



Nexus Reiki II
consists of four two hours classes of Reiki and Psychic work plus in addition you will receive my BONUS class, Psychic 101 which contains six video classes for you to do as an at home class.


Class 1 – Working with the Level two Symbols

  • The Reiki II symbols
  • Reiki II attunement
  • Table healing with symbol practice


Class 2 – Long Distance Healing

  • Long distance healing
  • Reiki II Attunement
  • Long Distance healing practice in class.


Class 3 – Meet Your Reiki Guides 

  • What and who are your Reiki guides
  • Guided meditation to meet Reiki guides
  • Quick attunement
  • More table healing and basic chakra and aura assessment skills.


Class 4 – Working with Your Guides – Part two

  • Working with your guides part two
  • Ethics of psychic work for healers
  • How to add psychic information to your healings
  • Table practice
  • Assessment Skills – learning to read the language of the body
  • Another attunement
  • Assessing a classmate using assessment skills
  • Table practice – Free style Reiki treatments based on your assessment
  • Class Q & A


Bonus – Psychic 101 video class for your home study.  You will get this six week video class to watch at home in your own time.  Bring your questions to class.


The Nexus Reiki II class consists of four live classes, Plus six video Psychic 101 classes all for the cost of $500.  This is SUCH a deal!  To give you a breakdown of the special I am offering all in this one class.  The Psychic 101 class alone is almost $400 and Four classes of Reiki II would be $400, so you are getting almost half off the price of this class if you were to get it a la carte.


So basically you are getting an $800 class all for $500.  WOW!!!!


Class meets on

Tuesdays January 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st

7:00 – 9:00pm


PAYMENT PLANS are available!  You can pay a one time payment of $500 or pay four payments of $125.

REIKI REVIEW SPECIAL… If you have already taken Reiki II with me and you want to take this class as a “review” you can get a special price of $350. (Two payments of $175 is also available)


The class will be held at A Soul Spirit Studio 76 Railroad St. Holliston, MA.

 For more information on the Studio feel free to visit there website.  Soul Spirit Studio