Nexus Reiki III

Introducing Nexus Reiki III- The Master Practitioner Level



If you want to have a successful Reiki practice, this class will give you the serious training to get your practice up and running for real.


I have worked with many talented people who have learned Reiki but still don’t feel confident that they can start a practice and REALLY know what to do. I am going to walk you through everything I know (which is a lot…) to get you so confident and ready that you will be able to start a new practice or improve your existing one to make it happen.


I have had a successful Reiki practice myself for the past 15 years and have been working as a healer for the past 30 years. I see about 20 clients a week, and I am here to tell you that if I can do it, so can you!


Believe me, I started exactly where you are- knowing for sure that I had a mission to help people, but not sure how to actually make it happen.  I knew in my heart that it was what I was meant to do, but I had to learn a lot of practical things to make my dream mission a reality that not only helped people, but also earns me a pretty good living.


And now I am excited to teach YOU everything that I know and just how to do that.



The focus of this intensive class will be on two things, which are both essential for a thriving practice. I find that people are naturally good with one of these and need help with the other one.


  • Getting Clients (Business practices, branding/messaging and marketing)
  • Knowing what to do with them once you have them (Assessment and therapeutic skills)


This class will give you a serious leg up on both of these aspects.


Super practical, hands on clinical practice


So much of learning at this level is practice, practice and more practice. The more time you spend actually doing Reiki on people (besides your spouse and your dog…) the more confidence you will have.  It’s a confidence thing for sure, but it’s also about polishing your chops and getting experience, so you know what to do in each session.


We are going to spend about half of each class doing hands on table practice. This will take you soup to nuts on what to do with your clients from the moment they walk in the door, to when they roll off your table all happy and ready to tell their friends about how amazing you are.


This part of class will include: 

  • How to do an intake
  • Assessment skills- figuring out what they really need and then giving it to them
  • Working with the chakras
  • How to listen and talk like a healer- client dialoging
  • Ethics and how to work responsibly




As a part of the clinical aspect of this class, you will be picking a “guinea pig” to work with outside of class and practice what we are learning in class with your practicum client. You will have a chance in class to ask questions and get some supervision about what is happening with your practicum client.


This is where the rubber meets the road and you really become a “Reiki Master.”



Business Development, Branding and Marketing


This is the second half of the equation. All the clinical knowledge in the world won’t help you if you don’t have any clients!


I know some very talented healers who still haven’t figured out how to bring themselves, their message and their gifts into the world. It’s such a shame to see them at home feeling frustrated and confused rather then out and about, rocking the world!


So how do you get clients?


It’s not as hard as you might think.  We will be working over these aspects to round out your business practices.


You were meant to rock the world! You just might need to know all THIS stuff to get there-

  • Finding your niche and your ideal clients- What kind of healer are you?
  • Your message about your life purpose- It’s a soul thing
  • Branding that message
  • The details of marketing yourself
  • Getting referrals
  • Basic business practice- How to run your business so that you actually make money!


The BEST healers that I know, the ones who are really DOING it, all know how to work with clients AND they have enough business savvy to deliver their message into the world and attract their perfect clients.


That is what this class is all about it.




Class 1

  • Learning the master level symbols
  • Master level attunement
  • Chair practice with master symbols


Class 2

  • Learning to give attunements and practice
  • Practicum assignments
  • The healing attunement
  • Table practice with symbols


Class 3

  • Attunement practice
  • How to do an intake
  • Session management
  • Chakra diagnostics
  • Talk about practicum  and Q&A
  • Table practice


Class 4

  • Ethics
  • Client dialoging
  • Getting referrals
  • In class assessments and table work


Class 5

  • Basic business practices
  • How to start a practice
  • Insurance and legal issues
  • How to teach Reiki
  • Table practice




Class meet on:

Tuesday’s March 21st, 28th – April 4th, 11th and 18th

7:00 – 9:00pm


PAYMENT PLANS are available!  You can pay a one time payment of $650 or pay four payments of $165.

REIKI REVIEW SPECIAL… If you have already taken Reiki III with me and you want to take this class as a “review” you can get a special price of $350. (Four payments of $90 is also available)


The class will be held at A Soul Spirit Studio 76 Railroad St. Holliston, MA.

 For more information on the Studio feel free to visit there website.  Soul Spirit Studio



BONUS CLASS-  Lisa’s Chakras For Practitioners Video Class- Become a Chakra EXPERT!


This seven class video series will take you deeper into the chakras then ever before. The chakras are an amazing lens to use to look at your own life and also to assess your clients.


They are not just spinning wheels of light in your energy field. (Who cares about that?)  They are aspects of your LIFE which make them much more interesting.  Becoming a CHAKRA EXPERT will deepen your Reiki practice and both you and your clients will benefit.


All of your client’s problems and challenges will show up in their chakras. How many times have you felt something in someone’s chakra when you are doing a session but don’t know what it is that you are feeling or what to do about it?


This class will take you deep into the chakras and make you an expert. 

  • Chakra 1- The body
  • Chakra 2- Emotions
  • Chakra 3- Your sense of Self
  • Chakra 4- Your Relationships
  • Chakra 5- Communication and creativity
  • Chakra 6- Your Mind
  • Chakra 7- Your connection to the divine


This class is priced at $350 and you get it for FREE!