Post Call 1

Dear Psychic Inner Circle.

We are off to a great start with the Psychic Inner Circle!

I am so incredibly thrilled to be on this journey with you and sharing my knowledge and experience with you. It’s really fun for me to teach this, so thanks for giving me that opportunity.

We had seven people on the call with us and it was great energy. (You guys listening later will love it too!) We talked about some housekeeping about the class and how it will all work and also discussed the basic fundamentals about what you are going to do over the course of the class to build that psychic muscle.

One really important thing that we talked about was about feeling your body and learning to feel in your body what a real hit feels like vs “our stuff.” It’s usually really clear! This is great feedback for you and will begin to develop trust in your own hits.


If you are not already on the FB group, please friend me and I will add you. Thanks!


Your homework will be to spend 15-30 minutes everyday (or at least 5 times a week) on these basics. You can do it at any time of day that you like. (I do mine right before bed.)

  1. Get a journal, a new one preferably. This will be your “Psychic Journal” that all your psychic experiences, large and small, get recorded into.

Pick a divination tool and begin to use it everyday as part of your practice. Here are some ideas- although anything that works for you is fine.

  • Tarot
  • Other card decks
  • Runes
  • I-Ching
  • Pendulum

Your daily practice will look like this-

  1. Do a guided meditation provided by me to help ground and clear your energy field.
  2. Write down any psychic experiences that you have had in your journal to record them. (What we pay attention to gets bigger!)
  3. Use your divination tool to check on your hits to confirm or deny them. You can also record your results in the journal.
  4. Spend a few minutes in “open mediation” (more on that next class!) That gives you an opportunity to tune in and see what emerges organically when you begin to quiet yourself and really listen.



We are going to cover how to interpret psychic information so you know how to make sense of what you are getting.

  • Some brain anatomy and chemistry
  • Your subconscious mind- the three kind of dreams and why you need to know some dream interpretation.
  • Your personal symbol library
  • The universal symbol library

See you all then!  Don’t forget to email me or FB your questions!  They are so important and if YOU have the question you know someone else in the class does too. So please ask away!


Love and smoochies,