Post Call 10

Class 10


I can’t believe that we just finished our 10th class! Wow, that time went by so quickly. I am so proud of you all and pleased to see all your progress and growth. Taking this time to dedicate to your psychic gifts and your spiritual practice is really special and will have huge payoffs for you that I can tell you are already feeling.


So congratulations and a big pat on the back to you all for doing something really cool and special for yourselves.


This class we did a tour of the Upper Realm focusing on the Pure Energy Beings, cosmic guides, and Angels.


We enjoyed a lively discussion about the nature of aliens and I would love to hear your opinions and experiences of this topic.  Post them and any angel stories you have on out Facebook group!


I have so much more that I could talk about too, I feel I could use another few months to really teach you all that I know, but we are wrapping up the class with a section on how to do readings for others. That’s very handy and I am excited to teach it to you.


Next class will be our regular time and then the final class will be at time yet to be announced due to the holidays.