Post Call 11

Post call 11


Well, we are done with our regularly scheduled class time!  We have one more call date still to be announced. I’ll let you know!


Today we explored how to do a session for someone else, and how to bring all that you have learned together in a way where you can really help other people. Your gifts are totally unique and meant for something really special. It’s time to think about how you are going to express your unique gifts in the world. Pretty exciting stuff!


Thanks again for allowing me the joy of teaching this material. A teacher isn’t much without students!  Thanks for helping me live my life purpose, I couldn’t be a teacher without you guys and I so enjoyed my time teaching with you.


Here are a few things to remember.


  • You have life long access to the class material
  • I will keep the Facebook going for you
  • I will be sending along the Chakra class as your bonus too
  • Also, when I finish filming the new one, I will send you the Empathy 101 class too. Yey!


Speak to you one last time in the New Year~


I wish you all a very happy holidays and a Happy New Year.