Post Call 2

Dear Psychic Mastery Peeps,2.


I had such a good time in class today. We talked about a more advanced understanding of psychic protection and why we need to continue to keep our eyes on that as we go through our psychic development.


Then we talked about dreams and your subconscious. Knowing the universal and your personal symbol library are really important ways to interpret the data that you are getting from your guides.


Your dreams are a great way to practice interpreting psychic information since interpreting a dream isn’t much different then interpreting what your guidance is telling you.


If you need some help remembering your dreams then here are some tips.


  1. Keep your psychic journal next to your bed. When  you wake up, record any scrap of the dream that you might have. Even the smallest thing.


  1. Set your alarm to go off since you will remember your dreams more by waking suddenly then if you just let yourself wake up.


  1. You can even set your alarm to go off a few times a night!




You might want to get some books about symbols and dream interpretations.  I like one called “Dreamers Dictionary” by Stearn Robinson. But look around and see what appeals to you.


  1. Keep up what we started last week with the grounding, cards (or divination tool of your choice) and meditation.


  1. Begin to pay attention to your dreams and write them in your journal.


  1. Practice interpreting your dreams. Go with the – everyone in the dream is an aspect of yourself- theory and see where that gets you.


  1. Practice the inner sanctuary mediation again and talk to your protector guides and really build your relationship with that guide.





More about guides…. We will be finding out more about guides and how to work with them.