Post Call 4

Dear Psychic Mastery Students,


Wow, I am just so impressed with how deep you guys are going!  This class work worked an a map of the Other Side that shows the three “realms,” the Lower Realm, Middle Realm and Upper Realm. It’s a universal way to experience the psychic worlds and it always helps to have a map!


I have included it here for you and it is also posted in your provide Facebook page.


In this class, we concentrated on the Lower Realm, and talked a lot about shamanism. Then we did a drum based shamanic journey to help you travel to the Lower Realm and meet one of your Lower Realm guides.


Your homework is to do a shamanic journey often. I add mine into my spiritual practice and I do them rather regularly.  Here is the classic way to do one.


  1. Start with sage use incense to purify your space. I love copal for this.
  2. Create a circle to sit or lay down in. You can use salt or put rocks or crystals around you at the four compass points. I know someone that uses rope, really anything will do.
  3. Put on your drum beat and go! The drum needs to be really fast and there are many recordings for this.
  4. Close your eyes and lay down. You are going to jump down a hole of some kind and journey to the Lower Realm.
  5. Once you get down there, you will meet a guide and begin your journey.
  6. When you are done (I would do about 10-15 minutes) then record your experiences in your journal.
  7. Begin to make a map of the Lower Realm if you can.


Bon Voyage!