Post Call 5

Dear Psychic Mastery Students,


We are really rocking along through class. Hard to believe that we are almost half way through!



Here is the exciting news- today you are also receiving a BONUS class on power animals, just cuz I wanted to throw some extra cool stuff your way. It’s really fun and is a way to get your “animal totems” and to find the seven power animals that correspond to your seven chakras.


Have fun with that! Post your totems on FB, it would be fun to share and you can actually tell a lot about a person by what their totems are. I’ll share mine, just for fun so check it out on FB.


Our regular class is about the Middle Realm and working with nature spirits. We talked about-


  • The true nature of “fairies”
  • Trees and how to talk to them
  • The four elements and why it’s important to know which on is yours
  • Elemental beings
  • How to use a medicine wheel to connect to the elements and the other nature spirits.


It was pretty cool!  I really love teaching this advanced stuff to you guys!