Post Call 6

Hi Psychic Masters!


We just did our 6th class, and we are still exploring the Middle Realm, the more human side of it.


We talked about what happens when you die, death is really important to understand when we do psychic and soul work. In this class we talked about what happens in the normal process of death, how it us supposed to go and also about what happens when we go Over There.


I talked a lot about SOUL MATES, and our SOUL FAMILY and  how your soul family can make some of the best spirit guides that you have. Then we did a very cool meditation, traveling over to Soul World and meeting our soul family again. It was a very moving meditation!




Begin to record information about your soul family and soul mates.


  1. List any one in your life that you think might be part of your soul family, the easy ones and the “noble friends.”
  2. Do the meditation a few more times to see if you can get solid information about the members of your soul family, who is actually in your life and who is around you in spirit.


NEXT CLASS-  Ghosts and the uneasy dead. We will be learning about what happens to make a ghost and how do we help them cross over. If we have time we will also be talking about our ancestor spirits too.