Post Call 7

Dear Psychic Masters,


REMINDER- Next class will be Weds at 1pm due to the Holiday.


In class seven, we are still continuing on our several class series about Dealing With the Dead. In this class we talked more about mediumship, ancestor guides and ghosts.


I shared a lot of experiences that I have talking to dead people and what I have learned from them about The Other Side and how helpful mediumship can be to those people that have lost someone.


I taught an exercise about how to do AUTOMATIC WRITING which is a great way to begin mediumship work in a really safe manner and is also fabulous for connecting with our ancestor guides.


Here is how you do it.


  • Get a picture of your loved one and put it near your meditation spot.
  • Light a white candle and some incense or sage.
  • Do your basic ground, protect and clear meditation
  • Write your question, either long hand or on a computer
  • And then pause, get receptive and write the answer
  • Don’t think about it too much, just let it flow
  • Verify your answers with the pendulum if you want more confirmation
  • Ask for your loved one to send you confirmation in the world in some way
  • Practice a lot and take what you get in the beginning with a grain of salt


That is your homework if you want to try it!


Next class- more dead people! We will finish covering ghosts and how to deal with them. And more mediumship skills.