Post Call 8

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


We have finished our survey of the Middle Realm. We ended this part of our class with talking about mediumship and giving anyone who want to learn this skill a lot of information to work with.


It’s important to know how to deal with the dead since as you open, it’s something that you will no doubt encounter. What can I say?  They are out there!  My goal for you is to do this with plenty of knowledge and no fear. The more you know about it, the less likely you will be afraid and that is a good thing.


Next class we are going to begin our exploration with the Upper Realm and to talk about something some things that is everyone’s favorite-




PS, we only have four more classes to go!  WOW! Where does the time go…?


If there are any topics that we haven’t covered yet that you are dying to know then please drop me a line or post on FB and let me know.